Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Have you seen the Instagram pics of Mark and Katie? I heard he still has a crush on her."

- Arielle came over to camp to hang out this morning. She showed up at breakfast and then stayed to come run Archery with me. Her Katniss skills aren't really her strength but she's having fun. I finally focused my arrows and got my PR for the week- 82 points.

- I had the chance to talk to Scott about next summer. It's crazy to already be having a conversation about what I'll be doing in June when it seems like Summer 2012 just ended a week ago. Throwing around names of potential counselors and different jobs made me excited for another year.

- I went on two different hikes with parents. Near the end of the first one I realized the Dad I'd been walking with was the father of one of my new YL girls, it's a small world. On the second hike we walked all over the Oak Forest from the Wolve's Den to Ghost Cabin to the Richard G. Marsh Lake and back to the Riv.

- During dinner this group of counselors pulled off a Call Me Maybe flash mob. It started with a vocal solo, had some Harvard Baseball moves in the middle and ended with a conga line. The kids all loved it.

- After group we tried a Just Dance 4-Team Competition for the first time ever on a Camp T Field Trip. We had four controllers hooked up to the Wii projected onto the big screen and randomly called up students and counselors. Each team could win an individual point and/or a group point for each round. I loved being able to see everyone's faces as we danced because everyone looked so happy the whole time. The kids had great team spirit and were egging each other on to get more into the whole thing. We're going to have to make this part of the program every year.

- I did my gossip part of the 12 Days of School skit again and got a great reaction from all the kids in the audience. The students think it's the craziest thing that a teacher knows all about who is dating and who has a crush and who is the heartbreaker. All of the skits were great tonight and once again one of the best parts of camp.

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