Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Are those actual toilets?"

Things I don't want to forget about this Tuesday on the Camp Field Trip:

- The counselors had a Gangam Style flash mob during breakfast. I was very impressed with how they pulled it off.

- Playing Gorilla with a couple study groups even though we totally messed up the directions the first time.

- We played Katniss in the morning over at the Archery Range. Beesley and I decided to have a friendly competition keeping score on the target. Although he ended up having the highest score for a round it was still really fun. And one of the moms schooled both of us. p.s. Mags is a natural with a bow and arrow.

- Teacher ga-ga with six of us was hilarious and one of the most fun times I've ever had playing ga-ga.

- We went on a tour of the LV with the same ga-ga teachers that included a run-down of all the Skywalker elements, an attempt at slugging in Kampen, some apple sampling in the Scheu, a bit of Suspension Bridge shaking and backwoods hiking.

- During lunch we got flies going and passed them between the kids, camp staff, teachers and parents.

- Jamie Z arrived to hang out all afternoon. We got to reminisce about what we would be doing on a normal camp day, maybe hanging out on our beds in Choctaw...

- One of our goals this year at camp is to figure out if we can play Just Dance in the CAC with 300 kids at once. Jamie, Mags and I tinkered around until we figured out how to set everything up and then found Beesley to come dance and a couple others to watch us. We played in teams and died laughing while we tried to rack up points to win each round. We might get to try it out with the kids later this week.

- We went on another errand run with Kriger to get the ten cookie cakes for the counselors. While we were waiting for the bakery to finish icing all of them, Kriger decided to get a package of pink cupcakes. She is the cupcake queen. The challenge was for the four of us to eat the whole dozen of cupcakes in the car ride back to camp. We were each responsible for three. Kriger easily finished hers first. Mags, Jamie and I each had to scrape off some of the icing eventually but we ate the whole dozen.

- Mags got to teach some campers her "Want to be friends?" face which was a big hit.

- Skits are the highlight of the second night of camp. I love seeing my co-workers in skits like Harvey the Rabbit or when we all get to be part of the 12 Days of School. It's so fun for our students to see us being goofy and crazy.

- We got to hang out in the Longhouse with the counselors for awhile after the kids went to bed. It's been so awesome having these Young Life kids here. Not only have I gotten to hang out with them a ton, but being together has initiated so many conversations about Young Life with several of the other counselors. I think that many of the Seniors and Juniors that didn't know about it before will come check out Campaigners soon.

- Mags and I did the "lights out" round for all the girls' cabins. We just got to pop into each cabin for a minute to say hello and talk before hitting the light switch.

- Bethie is home now for Quilt Camp that will begin later this week. It's so fun to get back to the house and see her there.

- I love getting to stay up and talk to Mags about real life stuff in person instead of just over Skype. I'm so thankful for her heart and honesty and good intentions.

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