Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"I can't do a dessert challenge... I'll do wall sits though."

Things I don't want to forget this Wednesday of Camp Week:

- Maggie, Kriger and I went through all of the big plastic storage bins for camp supplies and cleaned them out and organized everything. While some people might dread a task like that, I love cleaning and thought it was really fun. The three of us make a good team.

- Natalie's kids sang us their original "I'm a G" group song.

- At the end of lunch we asked Beesley if he wanted to have a dessert challenge competition. He assumed that meant we would be have a dessert eating challenge and told us he would rather have us all do wall sits... Maggie came up with the first challenge--we each had to get three kids to stand on their chairs and make the Indian noise with their hand over their mouth. I quickly got three kids to do it but because Beesley was yelling so loudly soon the entire Party Room was on their feet making a ruckus like we were all at a pow-wow.

- Once Maggie taught kids how to "make friends" they all kept making the "making friends" face to her when ever we'd meet again. Not weird at all. Hopefully that will spread back at school.

- I loved first session so much I really didn't want to see them all go. Not only would the YL kids Peyton, Hannah, Natalie, Saba, Brian and Chad be leaving but so would these funny kids, the group of moms I know well, a crew of awesome teachers and even Maggie. In the summer we tell the campers that without all the people camp is just a regular place, it's the people that make it so special. The same rule still applies for this week.

- After lunch, buses arrived once again to drop off the session 2 kids and pick up all the session 1 kids. There are more great counselors for this group like Madison, one of my 2011 CILTs that worked last summer, and more alumni FBC girls Isa, Lauren and Maggie.

- Capture the Flag was a hit again and this time we figured out ways to make the game run even more smoothly. The Yellow team won once again with 9 of the 10 flags.

- Crazy Olympics were so much fun tonight. Because Madison and I are used to crazy dancing whenever music comes on all summer long we rocked it tonight singing in the middle of the dining room to Taylor Swift and anything else that came on. Her group was at the water station when "It's Time" came on so we sat in a circle and played the cup tapping game to the beat.

- I like looking for the cool new group things in session 2. I love the hats for Madison's kids, the spider Lauren's group carries around, the "I love Maddy" t-shirts Maddy made her kids wear, the stunner shades and mustaches for Isa's group and all the tye-dye t-shirt groups.

 - The weather cooperated and this session we got to have our story time with Mr. Jackson around a campfire. Traditionally we have this event inside the CAC so it was really exciting to try something new and the kids really liked being outside.

- I got to go on the pizza run with Kriger again to pick up 18 boxes of power food for the counselors. We lay them out on the beds in Choctaw so the kids can attack--they devour all of this in just a few minutes. I wish we could get this much pizza for CILTs in the summer.

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