Friday, October 5, 2012

"Can I wear a jean jacket?"

- I loved getting to see Maggie, Lauren and Isa all over camp with their groups the last three days. These girls did such an awesome job being enthusiastic and helping their kids to have so much fun. Hopefully they'll be back again the next two years to keep leading.

- It rained all morning and was just so gross and cold. I packed up at home and helped pack up the Longhouse and avoided being outside as much as possible. Unfortunately for them, the kids still had to hike all over camp in this weather but they made the most of it.

- After all the kids left I went up to Quilt Camp to hang out with my mom for awhile. She is so good at these camps from making everyone excited to the decorations to small logistical things to planning with the teacher and vendor to instantly making all the women feel welcome.

- I headed back home to Indianapolis after not living at home for a week and a half. The best part of coming home was finding mail from my friend Sarah, YL girl Emily, CILT Katherine and little camper Erin. So much hand-written love. Now I've got to get busy writing back.

- After being crazy at camp all week long tonight I was perfectly content to lay low with a pizza and catch up on TV I missed this week (Grey's is SO good and SO sad right now, the New Normal and Glee are hilarious) and Skype with Mags and Annie at the same time. I'm happy to be back and get settled into this life again.

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