Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Break Highlights

Friday both the students and the teachers got out of school-- our one glorious day of Fall Break followed by Saturday and Sunday. It's been relaxing and grand and just what I needed.

Three days of sleeping in
Rode my bike down the Monon
Coffee, blogging, reading and people watching at Starbucks
Chose four new books for my classroom library courtesy of the PTO (can't wait to read the two I haven't yet)

Finally wrote to Sarah Briggs 
Caught up on all my favorite TV shows
Mom sent me this pic of baby Linc riding around the yard, miss my fam

Finally got the design for this year's FBC sweatshirts, let me know if you want one

Dinner with Eshan at Pei Wei, talking about Young Life, faith, blogs, what we're called to and community

Orange Leaf and bandanna bracelet making with Emily
Hanging out with Rach, Mcs, Michael, Dani and Emily while we watched TSwift on 20/20 and Ellen
Taylor Swift announced she is going back on tour for Red! She'll be in Indy April 26 and I will be there

Playing City with Emel at Einstein's
Skyping with Annie
Collaging and hanging out with Katherine Maxwell

Blogging about being camp sick
Watching my roommates dress up as a Hipster and Honey Boo Boo for their Halloween parties
Family dinner with the girls and Cameron

Hanging out with so many Young Life kids and other HSE kids at Brooke's Fall Party
Walking through the woods with all the Christmas lights strung up and coming out into the open field, it reminded me of good ol' Carroll County
Dance party in the barn to their new fav song Thrift Shop and learning all of But's moves

Recharging at Common Ground this morning
Lunch and catching up with Mary Ellen
Creating new surprises to share at Campaigners tomorrow
Reading "The Future of Us" all afternoon
Getting to see so many of my favorite people, Avery, Annie, Abby, Mary Ellen and Audrey, at YL dinner tonight

 Chick Flick Sunday with Colleen
Anticipation for our Fall Weekend at TWL next weekend

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