Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Are you living an authentic life?"

 In keeping with Fall traditions, Haleigh suggested we spend our Friday afternoon carving pumpkins. I picked up Haleigh and Haley from school before heading to Kroger to pick out a small one, a dented one and perfect one. I hate the gunky feeling of the insides but it was fun to do it all together and hang out with the rest of the Lukas kids.

Ellie was so excited about the holiday she pulled out all of the tubs of decorations and started to unpack them all. We love these masks.

I love these girls and love just hanging out and love Young Life (pumpkins).

The rest of the night I scheduled in time to rest, time to go home with no other plans. I got to catch up with my friends Mags and Fitzie and then catch up on all my favorite TV shows. Watching Grey's Anatomy still reminds me of watching TV with friends at Hope and I love Mer's monologues at the end of the episode,

"When we follow our hearts, when we choose not to settle, it's funny isn't it? A weight lifts, the sun shines a little brighter, and for a brief moment at least we find a little peace."

Saturday afternoon I met friends for lunch and then we all went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower together. Paige, Sarah, Steph, Emily, Rach and I all met at camp, our lives have taken off in different directions but I love that we're still connected.

I'm a fan on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a bit different, but such an interesting take on Charlie, Sam, Patrick and their friends rather than the movies that usually center on all the cool kids. 

Next I headed up to Fishers to cheer on some students/FBC/Wyld Life girls in their soccer tournament. I love being outside on a day like today, sitting on the grass like it's the middle of Main Field (except that this past summer the grass was replaced by the Tecumseh Dust Bowl).

The best part was seeing girls after the game-- Carly and Camryn running over, Malena inviting me to the team pasta party, Kaitlyn and Allison being so appreciative that I came. Showing up may take time out of my day but I wouldn't choose to spend it any other way.

Allison came to town for YL Student Staff so I got to hang out with her the rest of the night. We ate at Yat's and then sat and talked for such a long time. I'm so thankful for Al--that she's willing to be vulnerable and honest, she asks questions and listens and I love hearing about how she's figuring things out as she grows up.

We made it over to the Nikcevich's bonfire to see Abby, Audrey, Linda & Jack and even the Houghtons. There were new leaders playing mafia around the fire and we got to catch up sitting on the front porch. These people are the best, including Jack in the mirror reflection.

I love the rhythm and peace of coming to Common Ground on Sunday mornings. Our people sit up in the front left and even if you don't plan it you always have friends to share a row with. I know that following Christ is not a Sunday morning thing but this is a place where I learn and think and grow more.

I live my life to shine your light cause there's none like you God

The world we're in is desperately looking for something to put their hope in. Our job is to declare that there is redemption and hope that can change lives.

God has this unbelievable faithfulness for his people. Our God is the God of "and yet", "but still" and "in spite of all that." We need to demonstrate God's faithfulness.

This afternoon I got to hang out with Libby and Natalie, two YL girls. I love that this new community is bringing together people like Lib an Nat that would have barely crossed paths before and forming new friendships. This pair brings me such joy and it was so fun to get to hang out with them at the same time.

We watched Pitch Perfect and just like everyone told us it was hilarious. I love any movie with great choreographed numbers so this was a chart topper--between Becca's audition, the riff off, her mash-ups and the finals performances from Treble Makers and the Bella's this was awesome. And the predictable 'boy and girl get together in the end' made us swoon.

 Graham, Nat's brother, took a jumping picture for us and he got it on the first try-- incredibly impressive. Then Graham and Nat's mom wanted to get in on the fun too-- their family is the best.

Both of my roommates have been gone all weekend but I came home to them and Cameron cooking enchiladas together. We all get to sit down for a family dinner, a rare but wonderful event. And tonight, chick flick Sunday and cake!

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