Sunday, October 7, 2012


Challenge for this Sunday: Do something CREATIVE. The sky's the limit.

Annie baked bread from scratch
Julia made a collage

Malena colored with markers, she has a whole binder full of her art
Ellyn played Win, Lose or Draw with her family--she drew "Pig Headed" but her grandma guessed "the devil"

Brooke made rick krispies in a pan that was too small and ended up making a big mess

Maeve and her friend Claire painted Fall leaves

Taylor went on a two hour bike ride and looked at God's creativity in Colorado

Allison decorated her wall with magazine letters
Mel made a new calender for her classroom with paint squares and a frame
I made a tree collage with fabric, paint squares and magazine pieces

Libby made Young Life in her frozen yogurt
Emel made another page about California in her Smash Book
Alexa painted this night sky

Kathy made cheesecake brownies for a friend
Kate carved a Young Life jack-o-lantern
Madi doodled quotes

Natalie and Tyler made these flowers with toilet paper rolls and other supplies

I decorated envelopes for friends
Lani climbed a tree
Lani and her friend went on a color hunt and found lots of it
Elaine made cupcakes while baby-sitting
Alli put up inspiration in her dorm

Kendall went apple picking with friends at this orchard


  1. Ok Mel May, you and your calendar are ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. The "Fall" leaf thing and the paper collage tree are my favorites. Did God text you those pics of the world he created? Great idea. Love you :)

    1. Yes the calendar is SO cool. She's great. Maeve painted the leaves with her friend and I collaged the tree. Lani went hiking in the mountains with her friend on a color hunt yesterday and Kendall went apple picking in that orchard. So much CREATIVITY!

  2. Also, who created a bike? Please re-post and tell us who created all this cool stuff!