Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Do you go to Carmel?" "No, I'm a teacher at the Junior High." "Oh... ok then I guess."

Kid President asks, "What will you do to make the world more awesome?" This semester my students and I are going to try to make our school and the world around us more awesome. Sometimes I think you have to look for what's boring and then try to make it better.
I think Tuesday is usually one of the most boring days of the week, nothing really happens on Tuesdays. This year in English Comp we're going to have #awesometuesdays and do something weird/fun/creative to make it more awesome. Today we had a blue flash mob. On Monday my students' homework was to wear blue to school the next day. In the halls and in room 124 today it was obvious that they had followed through. Almost all of my kids were wearing blue and many of them were wearing blue shorts, blue shirt, blue socks and blue shoes. So much blue. I'd say our first #awesometuesday was a success.
One of the things that will make my new apartment feel like home is having friends over to visit. Luckily I've got some pretty great friends that are willing to do that. Right after school today Allison Stamer showed up. She goes back to IU tomorrow but made the trip over to see me. This girl is the best. We talked about the end of summer and her life at IU and Young Life camps and our Wyld Life cabin from the beginning of the summer and going back to school and roommates. She's one of those people that I feel like I never have enough time with.
Later tonight Emily and Rachel showed up at my door for a visit. I've lived just a few blocks from them for the last two years and now we're about 30 minutes apart. I'm confident that I'll still get to see them a lot. I've missed this pair this summer and it was good to just sit and catch up. We each have our own classroom now and I got to hear all about their new students. Emily also had a great surprise for me from her Dad-- five wolf shirts he was about to give to Goodwill!

One of the things I'm really excited about this Fall is Volleyball season! Seriously. Never thought I'd ever say that. But last year the 8th grade girls made me love going to their matches and cheering them on.  Now these girls are on the Freshmen and JV teams and I can't wait to sit in the stands again and clap for every point. Tonight I watched the Freshmen, JV and Varsity matches, saw parents of the players, sat with kids in the stands, ran into my cheerleader girls, visited Seniors in the student section and hung out with Julia while she taped the last game.

My family sent me a picture of little Red wearing his new lion shirt that I brought up last weekend. Isn't he just the cutest?

Today was a pretty awesome Tuesday.

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