Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"She's not my camp counselor, she's my friend."

On this #awesometuesday I taught all my classes the clap-flip-flop hand game I learned at Tecumseh years ago. It seems really difficult when you first see someone do it, but everyone can catch on. All of my students practiced and learned how to do it. With my new swanky school iPad I taped them so I can show all the classes performing tomorrow.

Brookie and I had a night of athletic adventures. I love showing up at kids' sporting events but it's so much more fun when I have someone to go with me. I picked Brooke up and we went to Steak n Shake first for burgers and milkshakes. Then we went across the street to North Central where the HSE freshmen volleyball team was playing a match.

Julia's face was priceless when we walked in. Her jaw dropped and she whacked Anne's arm while pointing over at us. They were so excited to see us. Brookie and I sat on the front row of the bleachers and cheered them on as they spiked point by point to a 2-0 victory. This was their first win of the season so they were all extra excited. I love this whole team and cheering them on is one of my favorite things.

The volleyball game was over so fast that Brooke and I realized we could still make it to the Cathedral Varsity Soccer game. We headed over to surprise the girls on that team next.  Kaitlyn Ray had just finished her JV game so we got to sit with her on the bleachers and hang out. I saw Hannah, a camp Tecumseh girl, and Darian, an old Carmel YL girl too.

I used to see Brookie in the halls and visit her friends during lunch every single day. It's so strange only seeing her every once in awhile now. Tonight I was so happy to get to hang out with her and laugh and tell stories and ask questions about her life at Cathedral.

Kaitlyn, a session 2 CILT, was there and ran all the way across the field to see me. I love this girl and have missed her since camp. Then oh la la Olivia showed up for the second half.

I'm such a fan of Olivia and was so glad we got to hang out while we watched the end of the game. We cheered for Libby and Sophia Lipka as they worked hard out on the field. Neither team ended up scoring tonight which is kind of crazy, especially after coming from the volleyball game where someone scores every thirty seconds.

Overlapping with other people is my favorite thing. I'm so thankful to be in Indy where so many of my friends and kids from different parts of my life are nearby. Tonight I loved driving around with Brooker and getting to show up for so many people. These are my favorite kid of days.

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