Sunday, August 25, 2013

Highs of the weekend

Fridays at school are jeans days which makes things so much better
I got up to 17 in the pencil game in the hall with Mr. Hodgin
I got to run after school around the lake and up a little hill I found

I went the HSE home football game with Julia and Olivia and stood in the bleachers with so many kids

Getting to see SO many kids at once was awesome-- freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors that I know from class or Young Life were everywhere

After the game Julia, Olivia and I went to Dairy Queen for blizzards and just got to hang out

When I went to sleep Friday night I didn't have to set an alarm for the first time since before school ended in the Spring

Saturday morning I slept in, got Starbucks and was so productive all over Indianapolis the rest of the day

Abby was having Grace, Lauren, Megan, Esmeralda and Nat Rat all over on Saturday and they showed up at my apartment to surprise me and hang out for awhile

Low of the weekend- I tripped on the stairs and broke my big toe. It hurts so dang bad. I'll be ok but it's real frustrating.

Skyping with Kat so late because it's Saturday and never getting tired of each other

Sunday morning I went to church at Common Ground for the first time since before camp and got to sit next to the Houghton's

I played with Rachie and Emily all afternoon in the B Ripp

I had my first Fishers Chick Flick Sunday with Malena, Ellie, Molly, Hannah, Anne and a guest appearance by KCraig and Alex

This weekend was just a great balance of overlapping and relaxing and getting stuff done and learning to be content right where I am

p.s. Eileen just posted this picture she took during week 7 and for some reason I just really love it. First, I'm usually the one taking pictures so it's fun to have a semi-candid one of me. Second, this is one of the small camp moments I really miss--I'm just living the dream with my side braid and yellow apple, rocking the 'Merica hat and Lincoln shirt, writing a PL about a CILT girl that I love so much, about to go teach some friendship bracelets with Ellyn when I finish. Life is so good.

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