Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"She just keeps going up to boys on the playground asking if they want to be her friend but they don't want to be friends with a girl."

No Pants Wednesdays are always fun days. Wore a dress, taught my kids how to write thesis statements, visited tables in B lunch and got better at knowing my students' names. Right after school I headed over to the HS to pick up a couple Young Life girls. I pull up in the car line just as students are leaving the building and it's so fun because SO many kids I know walk right by me. Some of my Sophomore and Junior girls came over to talk and I had to get out of the car when the VanO girls got there. Maddie, a Sophomore, and Sophie, a Senior, are both equally awesome and hilarious. Somehow we decided they should do cartwheels right there on sidewalk. Maddie went first to show her big sister how and then Soph did her best attempt. Taking opportunities. I love it.

I picked up Alex, Katy and Rachel, three girls that I'm going to start meeting regularly with. Katy and Rachel I've known since they were my little 7th graders and I just met Alex today. We headed to Orange Leaf for an after school snack and then talked about life and what they want this group to look like. I'm so excited for what this could become and the chance to see these girls so often.

I had to go back to school at 6:00 for Meet the Teacher Night. I still vividly remember walking back into the school for this event my first year teaching. As I walked in with parents all around it was the first time that I felt really, really young. I was freaking out. But then my friend Casey reminded me that I'd been meeting parents at Tecumseh for years and this was basically the exact same thing. The night started and I found that it wasn't bad at all, it was even kind of fun. Now in my 5th year teaching (I can hardly believe it) I wasn't nervous at all. The six minutes you're talking to each set of parents flies by and it was so fun seeing parents I knew in the hallway from past students and YL kids.

Back at home I finally started hanging up pictures and art on the walls of my new apartment. More than anything else, that really makes it feel like I live there.

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