Thursday, August 22, 2013

We keep each other going

The last group of CILTs may have moved out of the Longhouse and the Brova back in July, but that doesn't mean that CILTs really ever ends. At 6:30 tonight I showed up at Paradise to meet CILTs from all three sessions for dinner. That's one of the perks of living in Indianapolis-- SO many of the CILTs live in some part of the city. Ellyn made the trip up from IU to be here too and a group of girls drove down from West Lafayette. Seeing CILT friends is always worth the drive.

Session 1 was the best represented with Sophie Wagner, Sophie Millsaps, Jon, Prince Henry, Emily, Nicole and Amanda. Hey Session 1, remember when we used chopsticks for every meal, had Jock Jam day, made chocolate nachos at night, built a fort in Choctaw, did team building at the Gish and had the best dance party ever on Sports Mania night?

Session 2 had Taylor, Chandler and Rachel come tonight. There might have only been three of them but they were so excited to be there. Session 2, remember when we woke you up after midnight for donuts, celebrated Madison's fake birthday, went trick or treating, gave you three lice checks, ate dinner banquet style, tied balloons to our backpacks on the 4th of July, slept out on the River Lodge porch and built sweet forts at the Gish?

Session 3 was represented by Katie, Laura, Justin and Destany. Do you all remember when we all dressed up as Waldo, had an indoor songfest before lunch, brought the Party to the Party Room, did team building initiatives in the woods, played Fugitive/Dominican Chaos/4 on a Couch all in the same night, had a sweet devo about morality, ate breakfast tied together, made up a new game of Capture the Flag at the Gish, devoured a Chipotle burrito in one minute and went on a float trip?

Ellyn and I caught up on our daily pics. This girl is the best. I'm so glad I've already seen her twice since camp and know that it won't be too long before we're together again.

Once we got to group pictures it seemed only fitting that I'd get one with all the girls and Ellyn would get one with all the boys. We play to our strengths.

Tonight I'm so thankful that CILTs never really ends. Sure we don't get to live in the Longhouse or eat in the Party Room anymore, but CILTs in all about the people. As long as we can drive to see each other or talk on the phone or send mass texts we'll keep on being a family.

These kids have such a big part of my heart and I was so happy to get to see them all tonight. These reunions are funny though because while the CILTs are reunited with old friends they're also meeting people from other sessions for the first time ever. There are for sure awkward moments but we just try to embrace them. Once we all had our food we went around the table and did introductions-- everyone said their name, session, HS, something they're involved with, favorite part of CILTs and favorite Disney princess.

Kid President posted a new video A Tiny Poem to the World today and asked "Who keeps you going?" So many of the people that keep me going are CILTs; ones I saw tonight and ones that are scattered all across the country. We all keep each other going don't we? We've become part of each other's home team.

Justin asked me at the end of night why I like being a CILT counselor the best. I can rattle off a bunch of reasons that CILTs rocks but really it's just difficult to put into words. Going through two weeks of unique, challenging, awesome experiences with a team of 47 other people is unlike anything else you will ever do. CILTs really does change you.

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