Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Blog Titles

For most of the summer I titled my blog posts with a quote that a camper or counselor had said that day. This is the compilation of all of those titles together. When I went back to find them all it was pretty amazing how that one line instantly transports me back to that moment. I remember where we were, who said, sometimes what we were wearing and all the emotion of that time. You may have no idea what any of these things mean but perhaps you'll still find some of them interesting or funny. These quotes tell the story of my summer.
Rule 1- you can only use one eye, Rule 2- you have to make this weird noise, Rule 3- you can’t smile
There may be flies on corn rows, Will Smith, Sponge Bob and Rugrats, but there ain’t no flies on us.
I can’t wait to DLP the mess out of these kids.
Drilled it!
He was a type A.
At this point I’m allergic to not running. I actually woke up with hives this morning.
If you blink your eyes really fast it looks like a strobe light.
Oh my gosh, we’re going to be on the blog.
Girls, wake up, it’s Christmas! Happy Birthday! It’s Easter… and Columbus Day… and Thanksgiving!
You’ve just got to put some swag in it, like old school boy band style.
I hit my head on the chicken coop and now it’s pounding.
Ohhhh… So it’s just like white water rafting.
I promise to not talk about the Crow’s Nest. If I do you can cut off a large chunk of my hair.
I haven’t left my room in three days. All I’ve done is sit and face time CILTs.
10?! That’s how many toes my sister Margaret should have!
I promise I’ve never lost anything in my entire life.
Good thinking if you were on
I’m going to trash these old pants on the mud hike. Bye bye little princesses.
That’s why people like me too—because I’m so pretty and sporty.
She’s got everything in that backpack. She’s like Dora.
I also have a measuring tape, a calculator, multimeter, volometer and ohmimeter.
I won the state championship at age 2. In tricycling. I still have the trophy.
Sarah Wright- not only does she participate, she’s hip.
Whatever happens in the circle during Finding Nemo, stays in the circle.
I just reached level 2 sweat.
I just ate 21 wings and now I’ve got 21 red hots in my mouth.
Wait, you still have to kiss him 4 times too or he’ll get confused and be like, wait did she die?
We were watching you the whole time. We just want to marry you.
You got to Cathedral? Qdoba.
It smells like you tried to do laundry in your dishwasher four months ago.
My grandma is tweakin, she just doesn’t understand.
Not to sound hipster or anything, but no one has ever heard of the bands I like.
The Earth is our Mother. We must take care of her. Hey yun a hoy yun a hey yun yun.
Do I fill up my water in this town or in the Lake one?
Yep, you’re definitely the dad in this relationship.
I don’t care about skipping lunch, I need my rest hour.
I can’t believe she’s an English teacher.
We’re coming- blueberries for the road.
She’s crying because watching Kyndal dance like Beyonce is so pretty.
With all the time we’ve put on makeup we could have gotten to level 347 in Candy Crush or learned 4 languages.
Do you have your bracelet on? I found it in the sand and now we’re best friends.
Do we have to kill our own food?
I peed in  a cup and dumped it in the creek. I wasn’t going to wait in that line.
I don’t have to jump off that pole to prove that I trust God.
Yeah- the score is 1 to sunburnt.
Hey, so guess what. I’ve been practicing how high I can jump without bending my knees. I’m really good at it.
Rest hour is like warm up for devotions because you should be reflecting on the first half of your day. It’s like a pre-devotion.
So you wanna play a game of pick up basketball or go have a two person songfest?
You’re just trying to complete a goal that doesn’t even matter.
I think camp is special because at the end of the week everyone gets emotional and cries and loves each other.
Stop crying! It’s not over! This is Tecumseh! We might wake up tomorrow and it’ll be week 1! You never know! Stop crying!
I know God’s real because he’s here at camp.

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