Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"4 more years. 4 people. 4 letters in four and more. 2 letters in DC x 2 = 4."

Last year on the DC trip I got this incredible shirt with a photograph of the whole first family on it. It was a favorite on 'Merica themed days last summer and it felt like a good move to pull it back out today for White House Wednesday. My students were all a little confused and a few of them asked why I was wearing it, if I supported Obama and what "4 more years" meant.
Washington DC Throwback-- This gigantic statue of Albert Einstein was one of the coolest things we visited in DC. Our kids filled the whole area-- from the ground to the steps and even up on his shoulders. You could barely see ol' Einstein anymore in our group photo. This is the spot where we filmed a Harlem Shake video last year.

Highs of the Day:
1. Our first DC meeting this morning
2. Talking to 8th grade girls during lunch
3. Feeling like Sarah Mooney and Taylor Fischl because I was wearing a bow
4. Hanging out with just Katy P after school and talking about life and Philippians 1
5. Getting to meet up with Emily Glanders and Rachel Ardery tonight, I've missed those friends
6. Phone calls with Maggie and Sophie
7. Reproducing a bracelet that Arielle gave me years ago and being so obsessed with it that I almost want to keep it but I can't break my own rule

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