Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"After putting away the prunes and oats, I got ready for our rival game against the nursing home across the street-- the senior division chess team."

This #awesometuesday started extra early with this group of Love Does girls. We talked about love while we devoured donuts. I think this is where we do some of our most formative learning of the whole week. I pray that these girls will grow up to be strong and confident in their faith. I hope that they'll know they are more than enough and they are beautifully made. I want them each to have a community of believers and that they'll keep pointing people back to Christ. I hope that they'll keep becoming the best version of themselves.
This evening I got to have a dinner date with my friends Alana and Anne. This reunion was a long time coming and I'm so glad we finally made it happen. I love that Alana constantly smiles and laughs. I'm so thankful for Anne's heart for her friends and that she's always there for people. Big gatherings on Monday nights are awesome but these dates with just one or two girls are the highlights of my week.

DC Throwback of the Day-- The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial was easily my favorite one. The symbolism of the rocks was sweet and I loved his quotes that were carved into the walls. When we arrived at this spot the kids were hyper so we just cartwheeled and jumped and played. I like to think MLK would have loved our whimsy.

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