Monday, February 17, 2014

"I miss you already I'll be dead honest." DC day 3

Uncle Joe started off our last morning of touring with a flag ceremony outside of our bus Big Bertha. We all said the Pledge of Allegiance together and then Joe taught the girls how to properly fold a flag.

Our first stop was at Washington's home Mount Vernon outside of the city.

It was freezing outside but we bundled up as we explored the grounds. Mallory and Kevin made friends with some sheep.

We saw the tomb where George, his wife and several other family members are buried.

Then we all got to go on a walking tour through the Washington home. It's in the back behind the kids.

I couldn't take any pictures inside of the house but it's super cool. Everything has been kept intact or has been refurbished to it's original state. It's crazy to think that's actually where George and Martha lived, hosted guests and raised their children.

David, Nick, Lukas and I all rocked our bucket hats together.

We visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and saw all sorts of cool things. I explored with a group of really fun girls and guys to find the Easter Island Head, remake the museum clip of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, see the Hope Diamond...

walk through all three levels...

find different exhibits of bones and cavemen and cultures...

see animal exhibits...

and do some basketball spin moves in route.

We all headed to the Capital Building next to take our all school picture. Nick gave his buddy Clarence a piggy back ride. Worzola and Quigly were looking good in their bedazzled Obama sweatshirts, hats and scarves.

I was twinning with both Jovey and Sarah today in our new USA crew necks. We love America.

Nick, Myers, Bowman, Liz, Mallory and Chloe were selected for the special honor of being the "doubles" in our picture. They all started at the end of the rows on the right side. When the photographer got to the middle of the panoramic picture they sprinted to the other end while taking off a sweatshirt or hat or bandanna so they would look a little different on the other end of the picture.

Nick and Cole talked on their "walkie talkies" aka the girl's sweatshirt sleeves from across the area. That's creativity.

All of our students are fantastic-- the majority of them are positive, helpful, fun and enthusiastic. I've got the best job ever.

Our last museum and last stop was the Air and Space Museum. I ate lunch with Kendall and Mallory in the food court. These two are awesome and I'm so thankful for both of them. I just always enjoy spending time talking with them both.

 I ran around with "the family" exploring the exhibits and taking pictures together. These kids are such rock stars and I wish we could just keep hanging out in DC together. If you haven't noticed yet- Grant, the boy in the red backpack, has the best facial expressions in every picture. We found the Wright brothers...

the Wright plane...

more airplanes...

more airplanes...
and took a family picture on the front steps of the museum. (Luke and Andy not pictured.) These kids rock.

Two of our buses headed to the airport, fingers crossed that our flight would still take off. There was an ice storm going on in Indianapolis and schools released early. Thankfully our flight was delayed only half an hour and we made it safely back to Indianapolis.

We collected our suitcases from baggage claim and all the kids headed home with their parents. We packed so much in to the last three days but they flew by. Everyone was sad that the trip was over. This weekend makes me so thankful for the other teachers I work with and all of these students. Year two of DC was a success. 

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