Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"The world needs more Miss Wrights and less Debbie Downers."

Thoughts of the Day:

My students wrote about Kid President's statement, "The world needs to stop being boring," in their 10 Minute Write. These kids are brilliant. They have such good ideas and plans about about making this world a better, more creative and entertaining place. When you're in 7th grade you are in this in between world of still being a kid but starting to have the freedom of a teenager. I hope that they will choose to make the world better and live up to their potential.

I went to the Hawthorne's country club in Hamilton Proper this afternoon to work out with Ellie and Audrey. It felt like EVERYONE was there. Who knew that it was the place where everyone hung out? Ellie and Molly were there along with a dozen Young Life guys. When we went upstairs to eat dinner in the restaurant we saw the Devoe's and a couple other families we recognized too.

The Fitzgerald's have a dog named Daisey. Despite my indifference to animals, I think Daisey and I may become friends by the end of the week.

Audrey had basketball practice for her 4th grade team tonight. Oh my. I have mad respect for the elementary coaches after watching them defend, motivate, encourage, block and dribble with these girls. I can't imagine taking on that role. Meanwhile, Audrey was a beast dribbling with both hands, working on her spin move, making long passes and banking shots for her team.

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