Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Oh no, where's Rainbow Bright?"

We woke up early this morning-- the fam was heading to church and I was going back to Indiana. The boys were wide awake and full of smiles. Redford is more expressive every time I see him. I can't wait till he starts walking and talking too! Linc is so cute and quite the dapper hipster. I will miss these guys.

I rolled into Camp Tecumseh to visit Quilt Camp at about 11, just in time to chat with Jamie and Mel and help pin the rows of Mel's book quilt together. This was Jamie's first quilting experience and she not only made one for herself but made the blocks for her nephews' quilts.

I'm so glad that I got to see Bethie and eat lunch with her. She's the best mom and I love seeing her in her element here. She's an entertainer, an organizer, a big ideas person, the most charismatic host and a friend to everyone. Quilt Camp is so successful because of this woman and I love her so much.

I finished the last part of the journey this afternoon and made it back to Indy. I picked up a new bouquet of friendship bracelet string, got groceries, unpacked my apartment and even ran three miles. It was a big afternoon.

Tonight Malena, Julia and Hannah came over to hang out. These three are each so special and the kind of people that you can't help but love because they leak Jesus and build you up. We talked and laughed and looked through my friendship bracelet stockpile and Hannah picked out her very first one. On nights like this I'm extra thankful that I live in Fishers now so that I can hang out with these girls.

Confession: Hannah should have received a bracelet from me years ago, she's one of my great friends, has led multiple cabins with me and is someone that I look up to. Somehow it just never happened. I often think I've given bracelets to friends and am shocked when I learn they've never had one. I'm relieved that Hannah got one tonight.

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