Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"I love the beat of this song, it makes me want to dance like a white girl."

Highs of the Day:
1. Finding a way to turn taking notes into a race to make school more fun
2. Visiting KCraig's room during 5th period
3. Talking to 8th grade girls and guys during B lunch
4. Getting friendship bracelets from Elyse and Cassidy
5. Having time to make friendship bracelets
6. Hanging out in the kitchen with Audrey, Ellie and Henry today as we talked about camp and school
7. Cheering on Henry and the rest of his team at his basketball game
8. Snapchatting Ellyn and Soaps with Ellie and Audrey
9. Eating brownie right out of the pan with the girls before bed
10. Making fun plans for the rest of this week

Top 10 Things I Miss About Camp on this #tecumsehtuesday:
1. Hearing Ellyn's stories everyday
2. The luxury of being with Smoon and Jamie every day and never having to coordinate plans to make that happen
3. Heart to hearts with River Village kids
4. Walking to the Green Cathedral after breakfast with a cup of coffee in my hand
5. Teaching the Choctaw girls to say, "Rest hour is the BEST hour!"
6. Standing with CILT counselors as we watch our kids sing their graduation song at the end of a session
7. Discovering you get to be on the blob during lake time and then running and jumping off the end of the dock to swim out there
8. CILT girl cabin time at the end of the night while you're waiting for everyone to return and just eating and taking and laughing together
9. When I finish writing a Parent Letter that I'm really proud of and realize that the process made me love and appreciate that kid even more
10. When someone is REALLY excited when I give them a friendship bracelet

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