Monday, February 3, 2014

"Please don't put a ban my life. Pokemon is my life."

At the Winter Res Staff Reunion Bobby filmed a whole crew of counselors. He was helping Joel put together a video for prospective counselors to tell them about why they should work at camp and what it's meant to us. He posted the final product yesterday and I loved watching the final cut. 

Everyone's stories are woven together to create this fabric of funny, emotional, insightful, scary and life-changing conversations. Things like this make me so thankful for where I grow up, proud that I've been able to give this experience to so many campers and excited to come back for another summer. Tecumseh is absolutely the best place on Earth.

Julia and I showed up at the girls' basketball games tonight to cheer on our friend Olivia. Julia and I watch sports the same way-- with a friendship bracelet taped to our knee and a Diet Coke right beside us. We not only got to cheer on the team but we saw Maggie shooting yearbook pictures, Rachel before she cheered, and Mariah before her Varsity game. All of these kids are rock stars and it's fun getting to see them in their element.

Julia and I left the gym and headed to Young Life for Campaigners. Natty B hugged me right when she walked in the door. This girl is so special and makes my life better whenever I'm around her. She looks for the good in the world, rocks plaid with polka-dots multiple days in a row, and gets even more excited for my birthday than I do.

Kaelyn, Erin and Molly are all regular attenders these days and I love hanging out with all of them. When our lives overlap so often like this we get knit together in this community. Sharing life with them in one of my favorite things.

We finally got to sing worship songs together at the beginning of Campaigners. I have missed that. Jesus Paid It All was one of the hymns we sang tonight at it brought me right back to singing in the long wooden pews at Hope College. I love how music has the ability to do that, to connect you to other times and places. Music has always been such a key in connecting me to Christ and helping me to grow in that relationship. I'm thankful that these kids are having that same experience.

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