Saturday, February 22, 2014

"I don't like boys. I'm going to have a lot of cats."

7th graders crack me up. So do my co-workers. This morning I hung out with the big group of Love Does girls and talked about Bob and love and being secretly awesome. Once I got to school with Cami, Maddie, Kaitlyn and Cecilia we ran upstairs so Trulock and KCraig could take our picture. These girls rocks and I can't wait to go to Wyld Life Camp with them this summer.
KCraig was wearing her Lulu Lemon pants and informed us all that she would like to be buried in these pants when she dies. She would also like us to make sure that her right hand is making the peace sign over her heart when she is buried. Weird but that's just KCraig for you, she knows what she wants.

I left school after 4th period and started driving North. I got to West Side HS and found a parking spot about 10 minutes before their bell rang for lunch. Today is Sophie's 17th birthday and I was so excited to surprise her. When I saw her coming down the steps with her friends I jumped out of the car with balloons in my hand and started walking towards. It took her a second to register that it was really me and then she just started screaming and ran to jump on me. Such a great reaction. She was shocked and so happy.

Sophie, Gabi, Julia and Kat took me to lunch at their favorite sushi place on campus. The owners celebrated Soph's bday with some extra sushi and we all devoured our food as soon as it arrived.

Sophie is the bomb and I'm so thankful for her friendship. It's crazy to think we've only known each other since this past summer. She is incredibly kind, positive, fun-loving, patient, joyful, quirky and down-to-earth. I love that I got to spend a little bit of time with her today and add to the birthday fun.

Back on the road, I continued on my way to Holland, MI. I arrived at Katie and Nick's house just in time for dinner with the fam. Lincoln remembered who I was and Redford was full of smiles. I love these little guys.

Katie and I headed into town to go to the first SIB alumni event of the weekend. We were both in the same sorority (Sigma Iota Beta) in college and loved our experience. Now during pledge each year the alumni is invited back for a few events. Tonight we got to see all of the new babies as well as seeing a handful of other alumni. I was thrilled to see my friend Gabrie-- a freshmen the year I graduated, Gabrie is precious and such a good friend. Virginia is in my family line and has become a good friend in the last few years.

Saturday morning I got to watch some Curious George with the boys. Linc loves George and watches intently while also holding this brother's hand the whole time.

We ate waffles for breakfast and my Dad came over to visit for a little while. It was so good to see him too and catch up for a bit.

Saturday was Virginia's birthday so I headed into Holland to have lunch with the SIB family--Virginia, Becca and new baby Nicole. We ate and laughed and told stories and asked questions. I've spent very little time with these girls but having this common bond still makes us so close. I'm thankful for their friendships and excited about getting to know Nicole a little more today.

Lincoln and Redford were just waking up from naps when I got back to my sister's house. They're the cutest, can't even handle it.

We went on a field trip to Costco and Linc loved the recliner that extends with a button. He held onto my umbrella in the car and "hid" from us the whole way home.

We brought home Chipotle for dinner as a treat, it's our favorite. Linc chose oatmeal over the burrito--can you believe it?

Linc and Red took baths and then we all read the Jesus book and Arthur together before bed.

Once the boys were in bed I headed back to Holland for one more SIB event. Tonight was the Lit Meeting put on by the new pledge class. Their meeting was "Strengthened through SIB" and they shared meaningful verses and quotes as well as the testimonies of four girls. I was so struck by their honesty and vulnerability.

Our family line was always quite small when I was in the sorority so I love that there are so many of us now. Tonight we had Olivia, Maggie, Brigid, Virginia, me, Becca and Nicole. Grace is abroad this semester and Wade couldn't make it tonight. Proud to be in the same family as each of these girls and love that all of this means so much to them.

I was thrilled to see old friends Jamie and Jill who were at Hope the same time that I was. These two girls are beautiful women that have huge hearts, love Jesus and make this world a better place. I didn't know they would be here and it was so, so good to see them. I've gotten to know younger girls in all my visits and was excited to see Monica tonight too-- she just shines joy and you can't help but want to be her friend.

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