Monday, February 24, 2014

"My hair is crazier than Jordan doing the Little Tea Pot song."

My students spent the past week creating board games in group. They have to come up with the concept, build the game and write directions. It's obviously a fun assignment but they have to work together, think through details and make sure that other people will be able to play without getting confused. It's so fun to see what they come up with.
There were five different flappy bird games...

Miss Wright's Camp T Adventure is a journey through their 7th grade field trip...

The Safari Adventure had SO many plastic animals involved...

In Trick-Or-Treat Mania the player with most candy in their bag at the end actually got to keep it all.

Tonight YL gathered for a Red Carpet Club. Ellen is hosting the Academy Awards in a week and we're getting a head start on all the celebrities and glamour. I was so excited to see Kaelyn, Malena, Erin, Chloe, Julia and Natalie when I walked in tonight.

Our upper classmen guys like Chad, Brannt, BGrad and Max killed it at Club tonight. Natty B was a fabulous Red Carpet for the event.

I love getting to see Jenna and Marie and was so impressed with Meg and Audrey's dresses.

Once a month we get to gather for a Club like this and it never fails to be a great time. There is so much energy packed into the gym.

Kocher created an awesome game of different poses that the kids had to act out. Things like, "show off your dress for the paparazzi," and, "you thought you were going to win an award but didn't and the camera zooms in on you anyways." All of the prompts led to some amazing pictures of these kids.


When you're on the Red Carpet with celebrities you have to try to get their autograph so we practiced with some Autograph Bingo tonight. Each kid had to fill in the squares on their paper by finding a Junior, a gymnast, a leader that's a parent, someone who went to Timber Wolf, someone with a sibling in Wyld Life, a leader that works at a school, someone who plays two instruments, someone that came for the first time tonight or someone that moved here in the last year.

The prize was a neon orange YL snapback and an iTunes gift card so everyone wanted to win. The room a flurry of signatures and looking for the person that could fill in your last square or who remembered the names of three camp characters. Natty B was victorious and elated to get the sweet prizes.

It wouldn't be a red carpet event without awards, and we had a whole stack of paper plate awards to hand out. Ryan brainstormed all of the categories and Kocher put together these awesome plates that are wearable.

I cracked up the whole time as Ryan read through the awards and called kids up front. Some of them included:

  • Best Instagram and Facebook Account for a Pet Beagle- Natale (and Rosie) Brosius
  • Most Consistent Flasher of Gang Signs in Group Photos- Connor Thrall
  • Most Likely to Retweet Miley Cyrus- Kate Olthoff and Jenna Jaronsinski
  • Honorary HSE Ambassador to the Entire Country of Ethiopia- Mitch Rankin
  • Best Post Club Photos (In the "Physically Lifting Other Humans" Category)- Audrey Renshaw
  • Subtlest maker of Awkward Faces in Group Photos- Natalie Willman
  • Most Likely to ask a Leader a Question About God at 6:34 am- Nick Barr
  • Most Likely to Run Camp Tecumseh One Day (in the event that Sarah Wright is incapacitated somehow, God forbid)- Maddy Wilson
  • Best Dance Moves- Brannt Farris
  • Most Likely to be the Last to Leave Young Life at the End of the Night Because They're Taking Group Pics With Their Hands On Their Hips- All the Sophomore Girls
  • Most Likely to Start the "I Believe" Chant at Some Point During Club- Nick Cefali
  • Person With the Most Dead Animals Hanging in their Home- Haleigh Devoe
  • Best Person To Talk To If You're Wondering If You'll Have a Snow Day Tomorrow- Olivia Kegley
  • Most Likely to Kidnap and Marry Ed Sheeran- Hannah Huston
  • Finest Club Theme Attire- Jacob Everidge
  • Most Likely To Own A Pet Dragon One Day- Karl Wingert
  • Most Likely To Roll Into Young Life 5 Minutes Late Holding a Polar Pop- Brian Gradison

Tonight I got to see girls that I haven't seen for months and ones that I get to hang out with all the time. We laughed together and we prayed together. Tonight I got share in something hard that's going on with one of my girls and celebrate with another one. Life is like that--always both sides of the coin. It's a juggling and balancing act and I get to see God working on both sides. Thankful for his grace and hope and love in all circumstances.

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