Thursday, February 20, 2014

Donuts, slam dunks and SOCHI!

I love HSJH. I'm pretty confident that we are the best Junior High in the entire world because of afternoons like this. Today the 8th grade boys basketball team battled against the teachers in an after school game. The kids dressed up with extra swag and they were so pumped to prove themselves. At lunch Tyler bet me that he'd make a half court shot and Bowman said he'd do a 360 at the hoop---if they made their shots I'd give them a friendship bracelet.

I think it's phenomenal that we have a staff of teachers that will come out and participate in something like this with such enthusiasm. They've been talking smack in the hallways and on daily announcements and it all boiled down to this.

The main event of half time was an all-you-can-eat donut contest between eight brave teachers. That's me there in the center, devouring one of the three donuts I managed to eat in three minutes. Hodgin, Worzola and Quigley tied with four and then had a tie-break with a fifth to see who could eat it the fastest. Quigley was victorious.

I sat in the stands with Liz and Sarah, yelling for all of the guys. This was more entertaining than the Pacers game because I actually knew all of these players. Bowman ended up trying the 360 shot and Andrew drained a couple three pointers. The boys fought hard but the teachers ended up winning the game.
KCraig has been yelling, "SOCHI!" through the Junior High halls since before the Olympics even began. She's been pushing for Sochi Wyld Life Club and tonight that dream came true. Pretty sure everyone dressed up for team USA, we wore gold medals and represented a few winter sports too.

I love all of these 7th grade girls that I've become friends with this year and get so excited when they walk through the garage door for Wyld Life. We just know that the next two hours will be so much fun.

These guys are such rock stars too and I have so much fun with them. They crack me up all day long at school and it's sweet when they come to Wyld Life.

Tonight we talked about impossible prayers and how over and over again in the bible God makes the seemingly impossible things happen. It struck me tonight that HSE Young Life used to be one of my impossible prayers. I wanted this so badly for the kids in this community and didn't know if it would ever happen. Now it's easy to forget things haven't always been like this. Just being about to have Sochi Club tonight with these kids is an answer to prayer.

I'm so thankful that I get to share my faith and this part of my life with girls like Rachel, Elyse, Lulu and Sophie. God opens doors for us and we just have to keep saying yes to those opportunities.

I'm so thankful that these 8th grade girls have been consistent at Wyld Life this year-- they're awesome and I love that they're here.

We sang Wake Me Up to start and these 7th grade guys were belting it out right behind me. They're the bomb.

Hayley, the human torch, held our Olympic torch for the first game. Maddie and Evan each had a turn throwing hula hoops on to the torch and trying to set a record in one minute. They were running around the gym as the hula hoops were flying.

In the Olympics you have to be fearless. The athletes do crazy brave things like skiing down mountains at unbelievable speeds. We played Leap of Faith, a game I first saw at YL Winter Weekend, to test our kids bravery. They stepped onto the snowboard and we lifted them up off the ground while KCraig held their hands.  KCraig slowly crouched down to create the illusion that the kid was being lifted higher into the air even though they were never more than a couple inches off the ground. Then we yelled at them to jump and told them we'd catch them. Every time they jumped and were immediately so confused about what had just happened.

We had a raffle and then sang the Wyld Life class, "One Thing Remains" as the kids belted out the words, "Your love never fails and never gives up. It never runs out on me."

Ryan gave the talk about God's power when all seems impossible. He told us the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000. There was a massive crowd of people and the disciples only had a few fish and loaves of bread. They passed around the food and somehow there was miraculously more than enough for everyone. When they were all full Jesus asked the twelve disciples to go collect what was left over. They came back with twelve baskets full of food. Twelve disciples. Twelve baskets of food. Jesus met each of their needs.

This God that we follow knows us--our prayers and our hopes and our dreams. He has promised to take care of us and not forget about us. Even when things seem impossible I know that nothing is impossible for God.

I'm thankful that we always have small group time at the end of our Wyld Life and Young Life Clubs. This time in a circle with our friends is so valuable. I love being able to watch as God shapes the hearts and minds of each of these girls.

Thankful for Wyld Life, dance parties with KCraig, singing with sevies, dressing up with taped on ice-skates, watching HS leaders meet new kids tonight, praying together and living life with whimsy.

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