Saturday, February 8, 2014

"I was going to make you a friendship bracelet but I am not good at them yet, so I decided to stick with cupcakes."

Last year on my birthday I was baby-sitting the Hendrick's sisters and took a whole crew of kids to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. This year Milly and Emma asked if I could find time this weekend to continue that tradition. Late Saturday morning I picked up Milly, Emma and Liz to drive over to Carmel for lunch.

I taught them our D.C. bus cheer on the way there so that they can help me out when we teach the rest of the kids next weekend. They wrote down the words in their phones so they can practice all week-- the Royals part is tricky. We shared pepperoni pizza and the girls told stories and it was just a really great lunch. I'll always make time for these girls.

I spent the greater part of the afternoon at a Young Life Leadership team meeting. Jorge, Molly, Kocher, Lori, JD and I met at Ryan's house to talk about impossible prayers that we believe God can still answer. We brainstormed the next few Club themes and talked about our camp trips this summer. It's exciting to look at all that's coming up in the next few months and to know that God is already preparing the way for us.

Tonight was a celebration of my friend Mary Ellen and her upcoming wedding. She gathered her great friends-- her mom and sister, girls she met at Butler and a collection of Young Life friends. We went to dinner at Petite Chou and spread around a long wooden table. It reminded me of a scene that would be in Shauna's Bread and Wine, "I love the familiarity of the same faces around the same table--the inside jokes and the shared histories that have been built brick by brick, story by story, for years. But at the same time, I also love connecting people from different parts of my life." Back at the Estridge house we opened stories and told Mary Ellen and Coleman stories and reminisced about the last few years and what their wedding will soon bring. I'm thankful I could be part of her celebration.

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