Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Tell them we play really, really fun games. I think people are getting intimidated by the bracelets."

Washington DC Throwback-- All of our kids buy their souvenirs at Joe's Souvenirs because he has the cheapest prices in town. Almost every single one of the students buys a Washington DC or FBI sweatshirt and you can spot one on a daily basis back at school for the rest of the semester. Joe, of Joe's Souvenirs, also gives away souvenirs to the adult chaperones in our group because we bring in so much business. I'm not a huge fan of any of the sweatshirts, so I decided to find the most ridiculous one. The other women jumped on the bandwagon and we got these animal print sweatshirts last year. Can't wait to see what gem I'll find this year.
The FBC played running charades this afternoon before making bracelets together. The skill level of all of these girls is out of control. They're making diamonds, earthquakes, 3-braids, chevrons, leaves, chambre and coming up with their own designs. Everyone in the school wants one and the girls are all busy making them for their friends.
This evening I came back to school to help with the Activities Fair for incoming 6th graders. Our school put on quite the event--open classrooms, cookies in the FACs room, a school video and the whole gym was filled with booths of Clubs and Activities. I sat at the FBC table with my friends Elise and Cecilia. We got to work on bracelets as students and parents walked around the room and occasionally stopped to talk.

I was elated to see Eliza Wilson and can't wait till she's in the Junior High next year. I've known her family for years through Camp T, having older sisters Rachel and Maddy in school and Young Life. There were a few more younger siblings that I recognized but mostly lots of new faces.

As I was driving home I got a text from one of my old Carmel YL girls, "Sarah! Are you at the Carmel/HSE game tonight?!" I didn't even realize the game was going on but knew that tons of YL kids would be there. I pulled into the HS parking lot on my way home and headed inside.

The gym was PACKED with parents and students going crazy. I arrived in the 3rd quarter and the teams were within a few points of each other. I walked up into the student section and was thankful that Hayley popped out of her row to say hi right away. The theme of the night was prep and she looked like she just stepped out of Gossip Girl. Higher in the stands I got to see Haley, Brooke and Haleigh, talk with Hope and Audrey, and stand with all my sevies to cheer.

It's Elyses' birthday today so I loved that I got to see her again. I cheered right next to Julia and we were both on edge in the last quarter--screaming, nail biting, breath holding, cheering till the buzzer. It was a hard fought battle and HSE ended up losing by one point.

I got to see Julia, Olivia, Sam, Anne, Genna and Allison right after the game finished-- all of them were on the verge of tears because of the loss. Then I was pumped to see Darian across the gym, the girl who had texted me about the game! It was so good to see her and catch up, she's amazing.

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