Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"I love eating icicles. Especially the ones off of cars. They taste like salt."

Snow storm #3 arrived with over 7 inches of snow and another snow day for HSE. All activities were cancelled Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we got to sleep in without an alarm. We're yet to have a normal week and people are actually hoping to stay in school. We'll now be in the classroom till June 5th. I almost can't believe it.
But we're good at making the most of our days off. I played in the snow with Julia, her sister Lucy and their neighbor Livi-- we're all snow day buddies at this point. The sleds were buried under the last Polar Vortex so that limited our options.

We climbed under the pine trees where Livi told us, "There's 2 million years of area in here." It was our own snow day tree fort. Livi lost her boot on the way out, but you would've guessed by her screams that she'd lost her whole foot. Lucy came to the rescue and soon Livi was fine again.

Playing with these little girls made Julia and I appreciate the snow that much more. They love just falling into a mound, rolling down the hill and face planting into fresh snow. When we were all a little cold we headed back inside for hot chocolate.

Snow day obsessions: friendship bracelets, Netflix, Diet Coke, snap chat and sitting on the big gray couch

Tonight Kocher and I met up with most of our Wyld Life leaders-- Mariah, Chad, Hayley, Natalie, Maddy, Hannah, Jacob, Brannt and Cefali. Despite Cefali's worries about clogging his arteries, we devoured burgers and bags of french fries. My end of the table told extreme stories of injuries and we almost threw up a couple times because they were so sick. Hanging out with these kids is never dull. Can't wait for Wyld Life Club with them on Friday night.

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