Monday, February 10, 2014

"It definitely didn't make all my dreams come true. Not even one."

Natalie Cefali remembered me mentioning that I love balloons so showed up at school with some for my birthday today. Whimsy all over the place. I love her thoughtfulness. I think it's safe to say that as a whole, this is the most talented group of FBC girls I've ever had. I've received 6 birthday friendship bracelets and they're all flawless.
In honor of the D.C. trip approaching in just a few days, I'm going to reminisce all week long with pictures from last year's adventure. Here in front of the Washington Monument I'm with most of the 8th grade girls that I grew close with on the trip. Being a chaperone was perfect for me because it was three straight days of hanging out with Wyld Life kids. A few of the girls I met that weekend have become some of my closest friendships.

Today in 10 Minute Write I asked my students to think about all the different things that they want to be when they grow up because you are so much more than just your career. I was so impressed with what they wrote.

If you asked me when I was 5, I would have said I wanted to be a princess. Ask me when I was 8 and you would hear, "an astronaut." When I was ten I would proudly say, "a rock star." But now at the age of 13, I honestly don't know. I just know for sure that I want to be happy. I could be a doctor and get lots of money, but what if I don't like being a doctor? I want a job that will make me successful, but also one that makes me happy. I shouldn't force myself to go to work. I hope I will love it enough to go to work proudly every day.
People constantly list job that they are interested in but usually no one says the character traits they hope to develop. I want to be someone important. My hope is for parents to be able to let their kids look up to me. If I have been remembered and I can greatly impact one person's life in a positive way then I will know I was successful. -
7th grade girl

When I grow up I will be many things more than just a job. I will be traveler and travel to exotic, wild places. I will be athletic and play sports with my kids. I will be a loving and caring father to my children. I'll play games with them and take them out and explore the world. I will be enthusiastic and always look at the glass as half full. I will be adventurous and take the risky way instead. I will be a memory make for memories to share at an old age. I will be supportive, even if something is not going the right way. I will be a music lover who listens both day and night. I will be wise and teach others things that they may need to know. I will be respectful to my friends, family and the others around me.
-7th grade boy

Campaigner's Daily Affirmations Style:
I like eating Chinese food with leaders.
I like when Ryan keeps breaking out in song. (Making melodies in my heart.)
I like greeting each person that walks into the kitchen.
I like getting excited about camp together.

I like my Groove Book from Natty and looking at all the memories.
I like singing together.
I like building a tower out of song books.
I like seeing these sophomore girls.
I like that Molly just hugs everyone.
I love when Colton stands in front of the group picture.
I like meeting in small groups.

I like that Julia is still hyper.
I like Erin King's heart.
I like that Kate loved Work Crew Training Weekend.
I like when we talk about the lesson and when we're off task.
I like that our YL family keeps growing.
I like being together every Monday night.

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