Thursday, February 27, 2014

"I got a book on dust mites because I really like them. I ask my mom to wash my sheets on low so that my dust mites won't die."

English classes just wrote Da-Zi-Baos because in the book the Red Scarf Girl there were negative Da-Zi-Baos in Communist China. Our students wrote positive Da-Zi-Baos accusing their friends or teachers of doing good things. These kids made me laugh when I read the things they were accusing me of doing.
Only a few minutes after I returned to my quiet classroom from monitoring lunch I heard my door open. My 8th grade hooligans stormed in-- somersaulting, running, standing on chairs all at once in flurry of crew neck sweatshirts and Nike Elite socks. These seven boys were coming to make sure I was looking up Jim Gaffigan, a comedian, like they had just told me to. We watched part of a sketch together before they had to go to their next class so they wouldn't be late.

The Friendship Bracelet Club returned with an enormous amount of energy and creativity this afternoon. I taught the girls to play Family and they tried to figure out Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah and Justin Timberlake before their own identity was guessed.

Our numbers have dwindled to a consistent 30 attendees and we're okay with that. These girls crack me up with their screenshots of friendship bracelets they need to make and their conversations of who they have to give one to next.

Tonight the Fitzgerald kids and I went to Steak n' Shake for dinner. We all love cheeseburgers and milkshakes and hanging out together. Three days into this adventure of #fitzweek, I'm so impressed with how they get along and treat each other well. Ellie, Henry and Audrey are all consistently positive, helpful and kind.

We watched Modern Family together when we got home before the kids split up to finish homework or do their own thing. Audrey finished her poster for her big Social Studies project and I gave her french braided pig tails for tomorrow. Everyone is excited for the weekend.

I just discovered Fashion by Mayhem in this article of the Huffington Post and I'm obsessed. This 4-year-old girl Mayhem and her mother have been making paper dresses for the past 9 months. The dresses are fun, intricate, playful, creative and just flat out awesome.

They get inspiration from award shows, Project Runway, movies and Mayhem's imagination. Mayhem helps with every single dress and learns more skills of ripping, folding, weaving, wrapping and tearing every time. You can follow them on Instagram @2sisters_angie to see more. Apparently the article has blown up and they're now getting tons of followers, media requests and offers. I'm thinking paper dress making should be a new clinic this summer at Tecumseh.

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