Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Do you play sports?" "Life is my sport." "Oh. Is it really hard?"

The FBC Queen Cecilia created a new pattern a couple weeks ago which I immediately learned and started replicating. We're calling this one the kaleidoscope because it reminds us of the way patterns of color in a kaleidoscope are flipped and replicated. Almost all of the bracelets I've made recently are this new pattern.

I'm staying with Olivia, Meredith and Laura for a couple days while their parents are out of town on a trip. I've met Laura a couple times before but am really getting to know all three of them. This afternoon we made soda--yes, they have one of those make-your-own-soda-machines-- before going to dinner at the Arbor Grill and seeing some Hamilton Proper friends.

Laura and Mer both had soccer tonight so I got to hang out at the Fishers Soccer Club for a little while and help Laura and Hadley start new bracelets. The rest of the night was filled with car dancing, homework, composing music on the computer and stories before bed. More fun to come with these girls tomorrow.

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