Monday, April 21, 2014

"Ooooh. You have really nice calves."

The Lunch Crew is back. Well, they're actually always here. It's just that on special days we take a picture of all 8 of them. Johnny, Kevin, Rhye, Jake, Nick, Tyler, Donavan and Josh never fail to keep me entertained.
All my students were pretty entertaining on this Monday with stories from their weekends, excitement for seeing Bob Goff in a couple weeks and just their normal weirdness.

After school KCraig and I met Jenna Perkins, a YL friend from Carmel who was once one of my roommates, at Starbucks to talk about YL staff and Wyld Life. Jenna is the best and she brought along her son Luke who is a rock star. We sat and chatted for an hour about ministry and HS kids and Jr High kids and why we love what we do and how we make it all work. These kinds of conversations are some of my favorites.

Tonight was a Campaigners night at Young Life. It wouldn't be a Monday night if we didn't see these friends. First our leadership team met upstairs to share dinner, catch up and talk about the night ahead. Our leader team is growing every week and I'm so thankful for these adults that want to join with us in loving these kids and pointing them to Christ.

I love walking into the basement and seeing our HS kids. I love when the freshmen girls Olivia, Malena, Julia and Erin run over to give me hugs. I love when Hope and Blaire get to come. I love getting to know Sherisa and seeing our older guys like Chad and Max. These kids are why we're here.

These people are awesome.

We sang more than normal tonight which is fine by me. Hearing everyone join in together is one of my favorite parts. When we broke up to talk about the resurrection all of the girls stuck together. It's rare that we do this anymore, but with so many new leaders it was cool to have them get to hear from all of our kids and vice versa. We want to help them make connections and build relationships.

It was such a good talk tonight about what it would have been like as a follower of Christ to realize that his body was missing from the tomb, to see him in the Upper Room and then to have him come and meet you. The fact that Christ conquered death totally changes everything and gives us this incredible hope.

While I was listening to people share tonight I was taken back for a moment by how cool it is that we get to do this. On a regular basis we get to come together to have conversations about God. We get to dive deeper in our face and urge one another on. We have a community of people that encourages and challenges us. We are so lucky.

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