Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Miss Wright! What are the ingredients to make a tutu?"

Kelle wrote on her blog this week, "Bad things happen every day for all of us," I told her, "but good things happen too. Instead of waiting to see what the next bad thing will be, how about we start looking for good things that happen, or better yet--we could make something good happen." Amen right? Cup half full and all of that positivity.

Today it was easy to see all of the good things.

After school I got to hang out with KCraig at Starbucks. I love heart to hearts with KCraig about life and ministry. She has become such an important person in my life here and I'm so thankful for her passion and her craziness. We were joined by Chad, one of our awesome Wyld Life leaders. Chad is smart, often stressed, driven, dependable, funnier than he realizes and just really awesome. KCraig and I love hanging out with him and picking his brain about everything from his dream team to prom festivities.

I drove down to Bripp to meet my friends Emily and Rach for the rest of the night. We took their dogs Auggie and Ernie on a walk, grilled out for a picnic in the back yard and spontaneously went to Graeters for ice cream. It was the most time I've been able to spend with them in far too long and was just really wonderful. I love talking with these old friends about life and friends and coming up with new ideas for camp or our classrooms.

I discovered this "Eno Village" on the Young Life Leader blog. Oh. My. Gosh. How awesome and terrifying is this? I'm absolutely positive we wouldn't be able to try this out at Tecumseh but this just looks so cool. Can you imagine climbing up to those top hammocks and sleeping there all night? Or being the bottom hammock with four people suspended above you?

If you haven't noticed, I'm recently obsessed with the show Parenthood. I've plowed through 5 seasons and am only two episodes behind the current one. I can't believe I missed out on this show for years. If you've never seen it you've got to go back and start at the beginning. Talking about this drama with people is like talking about our friends that we actually know and care about. If you also love Parenthood I'd love to talk about with you.

A little more fun for ya before we go.

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  1. AHH I LOVE PARENTHOOD!!! I got Kevin hooked too! So glad more people are discovering it's greatness. I think I cry almost every episode...