Sunday, April 6, 2014

"I think I saw pioneers here once." "You mean Amish?" "Oh yeah, they were Amish."

I was back home in Fishers this weekend and the fun of Spring Break was not over yet. Saturday afternoon I picked up Brookie to play. We went exploring in the woods, found some cool rocks, climbed a tree, balanced on logs, learned about "Yes" sticks and avoided the mud. We got milkshakes afterwards as we talked about Disciple, Spring Break and coming back to life here.

Maggie and Elise both just returned from their trips and I spontaneously went on a bike ride with them. They live just a neighborhood over so it was super easy to meet up with them and then ride past our friends' houses.

Lulu and Beau were home with their dad so we stopped to hang out with them for a little bit too. We practiced riding hands free and pedaled hard up the big hill.

Katy P was at a softball game all afternoon but it worked out for us to have a spontaneous (are you catching on to the theme here) dinner at El Rodeo. I miss seeing her every single week but love when we get to hang out like this and get stuffed on Mexican food.

Sunday morning I went to Northview, happy to be back at my church. The sermon was all about taking the risk to invite someone to church or tell them about your faith. There were new stories and good ideas to think about.

Julia returned from Gulf Shores this afternoon and a trip to Michael's was a necessity for both of us. After a week of friendship bracelet making our supplies were both almost empty. She had a couple shades of green left and I had two things of red string. Can't do much with that.

We sounded like such bracelet nerds as we picked out the string saying things like, "Oh I love this shade of coral," and "I'm such a fan of navy lately. It's just such a good accent color." We've replenished our supplies and should be ready to bracelet again with any color combination possible.

Spring weather was in full force this afternoon and I even went out for a run around the lake. While I watched more of Parenthood Season 5 I started a new project. I've figured out a use for all the string scraps from the end of finished bracelets. I'm turning them into the long necklace cords we put on our wooden name tags at camp in the summer. I have a feeling these could be a hit.

Tomorrow we'll go back to school and real life after being on break for the past ten days. It's normal to complain about that transition but I'm excited to go back. I love my life. I can't wait to see kids and other teachers at school. Tomorrow night I'll get to go to Young Life and later this week I'll see more Indy friends. If your life isn't something you're excited about then maybe you should change it.

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