Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"We're going to work on this in class but then you'll have to type this project at home." "Oh! So our parents can do it for us!"

Top 10 Highs of the Day
1. Talking to kids in all three lunches
2. Hearing Sarah and Rylee's plans to stalk Mag Con at the Pacer's game tonight and then seeing that they actually got pictures with them
3. The rumored romance between Sean and Hannah
4. A quick visit to the HS track meet to see girls like Rachel, Hannah, Haleigh, Ashley and even Courtney from Zionsville
5. Having Abby cut my hair--the last time she cut it was 9 months ago at Sharp Top. I was nervous but she kept it long and now it's healthy
6. New string from Michael's and the check out lady recognized me, "You must make a lot of bracelets, I've seen you in here before."
7. A new record on 2048... 30,952... I need to stop
8. A note and letter from Cami, one of my Wyld Life girls, that was incredibly kind
9. Brainstorming a new idea with the CILT counselors for 2014
10. Anticipation for getting to play and work at Tecumseh all weekend for Coord Training


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