Thursday, April 10, 2014

"That's my life motto: I'm just in it for the sugar."

Here they are gathered in one picture in all their eighth grade glory--the Lunch Crew. Rhye, Donovan, Tyler, Jake, Josh, Nick and Johnny all have their very own friendship bracelets now and I love how proud they are. Today we had a lesson on the right and wrong side of a bracelet so they wear them the correct way. These guys are the best.

We finally had FBC after school since we've missed the last two weeks. It was a small group today and they asked if we could play Duck, Duck, Goose at the beginning. When we got to the bracelet making part Cecilia, Cami, Sophia and I played hide and go seek in the school in our heads. One person thinks of a hiding place somewhere inside HSJH and then the rest of us would ask yes and no questions until we "found" them.

I went to my first softball game of the season this afternoon to watch Brookie play for Cathedral against Genna and Kaylee on HSE. I'm not a softball guru by any means and once Katy P came and sat with me I had to ask her a few questions. My favorite parts were when Brookie caught two pop flys and the coach yelling, "Hey Miss Brooke, have a day, whatta ya say, whatta ya say," with a mouth of seeds.

Tonight Wyld Life hosted Easter Club and we were stoked. It's finally warm enough to hang out outside at the beginning. It was a party in the driveway as our friends showed up. Brannt was a bunny thug and Johnny Miller found an awesome bunny costume too.

Abby and Chelsea, two of my students, showed up for the first time as pastel bunny princesses with matching tutus. These girls are so fun and I'm thrilled that they showed up.

Team Boy Squad was running all over the place full of energy. These kids are awesome.

Chloe, Nicole, Alaina, Dalton and Maddy have become regular 8th graders and tonight they brought their friend Ava Baby that they met in the musical.

Alex loves getting to come to HSE YL with her mom which I think is really cool. Elise and Julia are the bomb and that bunny mask is just phenomenal.

There was some surprise friendship bracelet gifting going on tonight. Cecilia brought one for Jackie and Sophia gave one to Ryan. You know you are loved when you get a bracelet from a 7th grader.

We sang the first verse of a song downstairs before Ryan yelled, "JUST KIDDING!" and sent all the kids outside on an Easter Egg Hunt.

This house has an awesome backyard and we had already hid over 100 candy filled eggs all over the place. People were rolling down the hill and frolicking between the trees.

After the candy was devoured and the eggs collected we made it back inside to really sing those songs with Ryan. I told the girls, "Less pretty, more loud," and they belted out all the words to "Best day of my life."

What's Easter without fluffy, neon Peeps? Caden, Victoria and Alaina came up to eat the two Peeps hanging infront of them. Chad and Brannt may have made the little yellow ducks swing around a bit which heightened the challenge.

Natty B arrived as a puppy, cause puppies are totally Easter, in time for the sickest game of the night. There are two teams of three people. Ava and Abby, the two on shoulders, had to crack the eggs on the heads of Sophie and Hannah. Then Ava and Abby dropped the egg yolk into the cups that Ben and Henry were holding over their faces. An egg in the cup scored a point for their team.

It was eggcellent and had us cracking up. The boys were troopers and though Henry had a smile on his face the whole time, Ben ended up with more egg in the cup.

Ryan's Club Talk tonight was all about Easter. From Easter traditions, the history of Easter eggs and bunnies, to the story of Christ's death and resurrection. He talked about why Jesus had to die and what it means for us that he rose again. Jackie and I were in small group with some awesome girls who talked about their own traditions, what brings them hope and what they learned about Jesus tonight. I love this intentional time together.

Kayla and Hannah were in my Washington DC group that got stranded in the airport for a day. Hannah has been to Wyld Life a few times but this was Kayla's first club. I'm thrilled that they came tonight and that I got to know them a little better. Before they left Hannah told me about something she overheard me say while we were stuck in the airport. It has stuck with her and made a positive impact in her own attitude. I would have said it was insignificant and never realized that it could influence her thinking. It totally made my night that she took the time to tell me and made me remember how much our words matter, even when we think others aren't paying attention.

Today has been an awesome day. I'm thankful for the kids at my school, for YL girls on the field and in the bleachers, for leaders that show up to love kids, and Wyld Lifers that give me hope just by being their goofy, hyper, genuine selves.

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