Saturday, April 19, 2014

"GET READY! I'm going to jump on you!"

This morning the HSE girls track team hosted the Royals Relays, a track meet full of special "relay" events. Since Hannah was in town, we went together to visit friends and cheer on our girls. We watched Hannah Conrad and Lindsey Schu do the high jump. Jessica and Rachel did awesome in their distance events.

Kocher is one of the coaches and Haleigh was there helping so we hung out with them for awhile.

Emily Obear was a beast at the pole vault and set a new 9' 6" personal record. I got to see Sam, Cierra, Alex and Courtney before their races. Then Grace showed up and attacked me. This girl is the bomb and I love when I get to see her for a little bit. Her enthusiasm pumps everything up.

Bethie showed up early this afternoon. She's on her way to a Quilt Show in Kentucky and is staying with me overnight. We had a lunch date, got my iPhone update, visited Crimson Tate downtown and saw Heather and Jamie. Then we headed to KCraig's house for a YL party. We ate and talked and my mom got to meet all of these friends. KCraig's whole family was there, Jackie came with her husband Scott and then our Wyld Life leaders Hayley, Natty B and Hannah.

I love having my mom here to hang out and see my Indy life in action. She's the bomb and I love when we get to spend time together.

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