Friday, April 18, 2014


This is the story of one of the most fun Fridays that has ever been lived. 

It all began early Friday morning at Audrey's house with the bible study girls. We listened to the new Rend Collective song My Lighthouse and talked about the metaphor and how it tells us more about God in our lives. This song will be on my play list all summer long.

Starting Friday morning with these girls, sprinkle donuts and a deep talk is the best. I'm thankful for Mia, Lulu, Maggie, Laura, Sophie, Elyse, Claire, Audrey and Elise.

We got to school and Riley aka Mr. Rapp was already next door. Riley and Hannah were Carmel YL kids while I was a leader there. Once they graduated I got them to start leading summer YL trips with HSE YL. They became friends with KCraig, went to Africa with her and started Jesse G Clothing. Now they're both subbing for HSE when they can.

Riley was right next door to me all day long in Social Studies for Mr. Hodgin. Hannah subbed upstairs for Mrs. Trulock and we ate lunch with some 8th grade Wyld Life girls. The school was a buzz of conversation about Hannah and Riley and how hot Riley was. There was an embarrassing stream of girls walking by our door every passing period just to look at the new sub.

I heard a knock on my window during SLT and found Genna outside. She was picking up her brother Gavin and ran over to yell through the glass at me.

Teaching with YL friends KCraig, Lori and Alex makes every day fun but having Hannah and Riley here took it to the next level. Hopefully this will keep on happening!

After a run I picked up Hope and Julia for a night of fun. Whatever fun things the girls could think of, we would go do. First we went to Chipotle so Hope and I could split a quesaritto-- a burrito all wrapped up inside a quesadilla. Delicious.

While we drove back through Fishers we passed a whole gang of 7th grade boys who were walking down the sidewalk. One was pumping his arm to get cars to honk. I of course honked and then realized that it was a boy named Tanner. I rolled down the window to wave as we drove by. He realized it was me and quickly screamed and pointed, "SARAH! SARAH! ITS SARAH WRIGHT!" and then all the boys started sprinting down the sidewalk after my car.

We headed to the HS to pick up our friend Katy P who had been at a softball game. We had just enough time for the girls to run through the halls screaming, "WE LOVE SCHOOL! I LOVE THIS PLACE!" and then dance to Beyonce in the parking lot.

Once the softball bus pulled up we literally picked up Katy P. Now the whole gang was together and we headed to Brooks School Park. First we went on the swings, because who doesn't love to swing.

Our friends Rachel and Jack were on a walk so we got to see them too.

Katy P had a coupon for free breadsticks so we made a pitstop at Hot Box. Julia got gum balls for everyone and little mini alien friends.

We made one more stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream. I love that when I'm hanging out with these girls that they just laugh and tell stories and sing the whole time. Instead of being distracted by their phones or getting bored, they just keep having fun together. We had one more adventure back at the Vigren house that involved Cecilia, Jules and Grace before dropping everyone off at home. Night of fun was a success.

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