Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Ok Miss Wright, Sean can be your sidekick and Henry will be the villain."

Top 10 Highs of the Day
1. So many people wore pink today because it's the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls Release (and on Wednesdays we were pink).
2. KCraig came to my room today to start figuring out our first draft of girl cabins for YL and Wyld Life Camp. I love thinking about personalities and figuring all of it out and moving people around to see what will work best. Granted, things will probably shift and change by the time we go but it's fun to start planning.
3. My students are starting to write Super Hero stories and I get to be the hero in both Garrett and Henry's stories.
4. After school KCraig and I took Maddie on a date to Starbucks to talk about life and camp.
5. I went to Blue Mile, on Kriger's recommendation, to get a new pair of running shoes and socks to avoid getting blisters running. My new shoes are pretty sick.
6. Taylor Fischl and I had a dinner date at Chipotle--you can't beat the most delicious burritos on earth and one of the most positive people I've ever met.
7. I made a trip to Target and found a new hat for the summer (thanks @mshadid) and a surprise for my girls at Wyld Life Camp.
8. Lucy Dewolf, Julia's little sister, wrote about me in school and I got to read her essay. Oh my goodness--I felt so incredibly loved. Compliments from kids are one of the very coolest things.
9. I've been off my friendship bracelet game for a couple days but finally finished one today. 2048 has been sucking too much of my life, I think I may need to give it up.
10. I asked, "What should we add to the CILT Jar for 2014" in a couple group messages with CILT girls from last summer. They sent dozens of ideas and my phone was blowing up for a couple hours. It makes me so excited for camp.

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