Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Miss Wright can you play some soft jazz while we work?"

In a bold change of days, the bible study girls met this Thursday morning at 6:30 am. Waking up this early isn't fun but it's a whole lot better when these are the people I get to see. We listened to My Lighthouse and talked about the stories of God leading the Isrealites with a pillar of fire through the desert, Jesus calming the waves in the storm and Jesus walking on the water with Peter. Over and over and over again God shows his power and fulfills his promise to lead his people.

Cami, Maggie and I all just happened to be wearing stripes which is really fun. After we took a picture Maggie accidentally left her phone in my room when she went to class. So I took the liberty of adding some pictures to her phone by inviting kids to takes selfies every period and during lunch. By the time she came back to get it in the afternoon we had added about 150 photos of different HSJH people. Maggie's so lucky.

When we started working on our homework during 4th period Sean raised his hand and said, "Miss Wright, can you play some Soft Jazz while we work?" There's no way I could refuse a request like that so I pulled up Pandora and started a new soft jazz station. The music worked like magic and the kids were writing machines.

6th period rolled around and I told the kids that we were going to continue with Soft Jazz through the day. Henry raised his hand and requested we play Cool Jazz instead. I obliged and made a new station. Did you know that Cool Jazz features more brass instruments while Soft Jazz is mainly composed of piano pieces? I didn't either. The trumpets and trombones didn't have quite the same effect so we switched back to the ivories.

Freshmen tell me on a regular basis that they miss being at HSE Junior High because of the teachers. They say that the teachers they had in 7th and 8th grade really care about them and they don't see that in the HS. I'm sure that there are awesome teachers in that building too, but it's quite the compliment for 15-year-olds to say that they notice how much this staff cares. Mr. Hodgin and I have to agree that really do care about our kids so for the past couple days as kids walk by we look them in the eye and say, "We care about you." Sometimes they smile, a few say, "I care about you too," and a handful just look super confused and keep walking. It's amazing.

The Friendship Bracelet Club met this afternoon. They helped me stuff, seal and alphabetize 140 letters in just about 15 minutes. You've got to love assembly lines and the old adage, "Many hands make light work." We still had plenty of time for making bracelets and singing along to HS Musical 3 and Camp Rock.

Back "home" at the Lackey's house the girls were ready for their sports. Mer and Laura both had soccer and Olivia had to go back to Cathedral for tennis. Between practices we squeezed in homework, studying bones, a project on Edgar Allan Poe, 2048 strategy, some fun and dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I'm a big fan of these girls and wish that this nannying job wasn't so short. I'm heading to camp tomorrow for training so they'll get a new baby-sitter the rest of the weekend. Tonight Olivia said, "I feel like I just got to know you and now we'll like never see you again." Hopefully that's not true. Even if their parents don't leave again soon we'll have to go get ice-cream or something fun. 

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