Friday, April 4, 2014

"Good thing you guys aren't the SS. Cause that would be bad... Nazi jokes... Ok bye."

Wednesday and Thursday in Des Moines with the Mooney sisters were filled with more of my favorite things. I got to sleep in, hang out with these friends, read, watch Parenthood, make bracelets and go on some adventures. The girls took me to this really cool coffee house called Smokey Row. If I went to Drake I would totally come here to study all the time too.

Thursday night I got to visit their church Hope for a mid-week service. This place is one that Sar talks about so often and I know that it means so much to her. The sermon was all about the body of Christ and using our gifts--though it's a fairly common topic it was done in a fresh, new, inspiring way. I would love to use the content as a Club talk this semester or a devotion this summer.

I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with Michelle and Sarah this week. They are awesome friends and I love getting to just be with them. I'm beyond thrilled that they'll both be back at Tecumseh this summer.

Friday morning I woke up before the crack of dawn to start driving back to Indiana. Oh holy, I never realized how far away Iowa really is. I listened to another book on tape, grabbed lunch and somewhere around 3 in the afternoon I made it to Alpha Phi in Greencastle. Many Tecumseh girls have called this sorority home over the years but today I got to see my friends Chrissy, Mary and Molly. They were getting ready for a Derby themed informal and the house was a whirl of activity. It was a quick visit but so, so good to see all of them.

Arielle, one of my very best friends, still lives in Greencastle so we met up to hang out for a little. Arielle missed camp last year but is coming back to CILTs again and I couldn't be more excited. Sitting with her this afternoon was such a reflection of the things I love most about our friendship. One minute we're talking about something really serious and important, the next we're laughing to the point of tears over the ridiculous idea of CILTs serving their cabins like waiters with towels over their arms. I can't wait till we're every day kind of friends again soon.

I jumped in the car again and drove North to Purdue for a camp friends dinner. We packed Noodles and had to split up to different sides of the restaurant because there were so many of us. Not everyone even made it in the picture, but it was quite the grand finale to my spring break road trip. I love sitting around a table with all of these people listening to multiple conversations at once and getting up to hug each new person that comes inside.

Erin and Tina both drove over from their colleges today to surprise their camp friends too so it was an extra special reunion. They are both such charismatic, independent, kind and positive people-- I love being around them.

Lizzy and Karisa are rock stars and I love how they've become even better friends this year at school together. It's killing me that they won't be back at Tecumseh this summer but I'm confident that they will do great things. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll make it back another year to be on res staff.

I've missed Irene tons and it was so good to see her tonight. We both lived in the Longhouse last summer and I just love her spirit and heart. Sophie was a CILT last summer and will soon be working on the DC staff. She is phenomenal and I'm lucky to call her such a good friend.

Gabi and Julia don't go to Tecumseh but I've gotten to know them through Soph and I love that they were there tonight. We got fro yo and told more stories before I started the last leg of my drive back home.

This week has taken me all over the place, to see so many friends that I've missed lately. I'm lucky to know all of them and lucky that I was able to show up in their lives in the last couple days. The traveling part of my break may be over but there is still a weekend of adventures ahead.

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