Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Cabin our to coming for you thank."

Today is the middle day of the entire 9 weeks of summer camp at Tecumseh. Right here in the middle of the summer we do Wacky Wednesday, a collection of really silly things. We saw the Blue Woman Group at flagpole this morning. They were very intense about their performance.

This summer the CILTs have been calling ourselves the CILT Pack. Our theme for flagpole this morning was to go as CILT Packed. Get it?

With a plethora of boxes, bubble wrap, envelopes and packing peanuts we managed to transform ourselves. 

We headed to chapel in the Riv with our cabins of kids. I don't think most CILTs realize beforehand what a big part of their experience will be about the younger campers. I love that it often becomes their very favorite part. 

The Rainbow Fish skit this morning was one of the best I've ever seen. The blue fish had choreographed swimming-dancing routines that blew my mind.

We started our morning at the TLC with the ring game. There is such cheering and celebration when they get all the pieces spinning and passed successfully.

Three different groups balanced the wobbly center pole during Tennis Ball Transfer.

This CILT Pack is full of personality and fun for sure. We weren't sure what to expect as we approached the 12 ft wall.

The groups' goal was to send every CILT up and over the 12 ft wall. They had only 3 lifts and 3 assists available for each person at the beginning.

All 38 CILTs who wanted to went over the wall with time to spare at the end. My favorite part of the morning was our final debriefing circle as we talked about the activity and the kind of culture we want to create.

I LOVE eating lunch in Lake Village so we can see Pathfinder and Warrior friends like Emily Sell.

I got to play with Shannon, Cara and Tara and they got to see their old counselor Abby.

Shannon found her sister Kate. Arielle found her twin. Can't you see the resemblance. Her twin is actually Kelly's good friend.

At least once a day I think to myself, "I just love being a CILT counselor so much." I'm a huge fan of teaching 7th grade, but when it comes to camp I love working with 16-year-olds all day long.

When we got back home to the Longhouse we had a care package from the Johnson girls waiting for us!

Kids this summer have been so intentional about sending specific things for each of us. Arielle got gluten/dairy free snickerdoodles. I got gummy berry Twizzlers, honey chex mix for Arielle and muddy buddy chex mix for Ellyn. The notes are our favorite part cause we miss Lauren and Kristen so much.

During rest hour every cabin was transformed into a skit for Wacky Wednesday. Tom and I judged 6 Brave girl cabins together. We started in the Catawba Snack Shack.

We got makeovers, manicures and hair styling at the Hairokee Salon.

Chickasaw through a surprise birthday party for the Polar Bear. We all ate cupcakes and had a mini dance party.

In Creek I was a CILT girl tucked into my bunk as Sarah Wright, aka Cara the CILT, read a bed time story from Cold Tangerines. Then all the CILT counselors ran inside to tell us it was Christmas morning and give us donuts in the middle of the night. Hilarious.

Everything in Delaware was completely backwards-- the campers, everything they said, their names, the furniture, the meal, their hair and even the doors of the cabin. It was crazy.

The Fox Theatre gave us snacks, previews the High School Musical Movie. Phenomenal performance.

Pool time today was probably my favorite one of the whole summer. I got to play with Sarah the whole time, I had shenanigans with Shannon and Cara, Erin/Odle/Emily/Emily played toss the camper with us, Arielle made up ball balancing games with Mia and everyone was just having so much fun. 

I played with Molly and a big group of friends our night off tonight. We ate pepperoni pizza and Diet Coke. Saw a whole Camp T crowd at ice cream. Found weird things at Wal-Mart that we need like a cat shirt I'll wear tomorrow. Sang TSwift really loudly in the car with Molly. Perfect night.

I came back to the Longhouse just after the girls had started devotions. I got to sit in Choctaw with all of them as we wrote lists about things that we love. This space and time of the day are two of my favorite things about being a CILT counselor every summer.

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