Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"I don't want a yellow band. I want a blue band. I was MADE FOR A BLUE BAND!"

Tonight we're going to play: how fast can Sarah size and arrange all the pictures and write the post. Ready, set, go!

It's LIZ KOCH'S BIRTHDAY! We love her so much. She's one of the most positive, cheerful and welcoming people I know. 

Tatum is here this week as a Warrior! CILTs spent the day shadowing Day Camp. Gaby and I are trying up our number of pictures so we started first thing this morning.

As soon as the kids arrive we get to start seeing the CILTs being cute and fun with their campers. They're so excited for this day and the kids have so many more people to play with them.

We really, really just want Smooney to stay. We're thinking of making a petition. Or Ellyn is just going to order a lot of glue so we can stick her down and she'll have to stay.

We all went to Day Camp chapel in the pavillion.

Arielle gets these really cool little packs of snacks every two weeks from a company called Graze. This one, summer berry flapjack, is my favorite one yet.

Then it was time to visit all of the different Unit games going on.

We ate lunch with the Rangers at Ft. Disco before heading to the pool to catch all of the trail groups in action.

If you couldn't tell from our sweatshirts and fleeces, today was freezing.

So we invited all the freezing, shivering children to come lay on the pool deck with us to sizzle like bacon in a frying pan so they could warm up. These three loved it.

Arielle spotted this little nugget because of her sparkly black skirt and immediately Smoon, Arielle and I all wanted to be friends with her. First Smoon carried her while Arielle and I each held one of her hands. She had on a bead necklace just like all of us, a fleece like mine and she was just so darn cuddly. Morgan had me hold her all of chapel wrap up and it was one of the best parts of my day.

We met Anna at Ft. Disco and then ran into her again at the end of the day. She ate approximately all of Smoon's veggie straws.

3:00 rolled around quickly and it was time for all of the kids to head home with their parents.

Ellyn says that being friends with the three of us is the closest she'll ever get to being part of a sorority. We're pretty honored.

We think we'll let Morgan in too if she wants.

I ran into Nicole Murino up in Lake Village just as I was leaving on my night off. She's one of the coolest little girls I know and I hope I get to run into her a lot this week.

For Liz Koch's birthday party, she invited all of her friends to join her at the infamous Indiana Beach in Monticello just down the road. The first amazing thing we saw were all the sick, giant, gross carp fish that swim on top of each other. I "what are the odds you'll jump in with the fish" to Amy and we both said 17 but she didn't jump in...

 This group of people was SO much fun. Friends like Suzanne, Natalia, Liz, Amy, Fran, John, Stevo, Arielle, Smoon, Wolfdancer, Liz, Claire and Abby and Mike all make things a party.

Liz can be an honorary member of the CILT Pack.

We rode every roller coaster and other ride that LIz wanted to.

I only got mildly motion sick but I'd say it was worth it. Totally Rule #4 Take Opportunities.

My favorites are the Sky Ride across the whole boardwalk and the swings that go out over the lake.

It was quite the crew tonight. Only for Liz Koch!

Our last stop before heading out was to use our $1 cash card on skee ball. It's not our strength, but we managed to get enough points to score a dinosaur notepad, giant pixie stick and sour patch straw for Ellyn.

We had the spontaneous urge to buy a half gallon of frozen custard on the way home to surprise the CILT girls with. They never saw it coming.

Sometimes you've just got to make room for more crazy and fun in your life.

I'm thankful for this CILT Pack life. For campers that have become great friends. For counselors that are phenomenal at what they do and are phenomenal friends. I'm thankful for this place and that I get to be here all summer.

Final time: 22:15
Good night.

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