Friday, July 25, 2014

"I'd give up Diet Coke to be your friend."

Did you know that counselors speed walk/run to the fruit bar after grace to get the strawberries and blueberries before they're all gone? In a matter of seconds they disappear. 

Kalepo made an appearance at chapel for the first time this summer. This crew did a great job and I love the sequin hats, but I don't think anyone will ever beat Jordan with his Jamaican braids and his sidekick the deer head.

I've loved teaching FAB (Fearless Advanced Braceleters) with Linsey all week long. She's so patient with the kids and makes everything more fun.  I wish she weren't leaving for the rest of the summer.

Our clinic was full of a bunch of rock stars that we loved hanging out with. Every day I would take a survey around the table.

What is the best thing about Camp Tecumseh:
Pancakes and grilled cheese
nice and fun counselors
biscuits and gravy
Ga Ga
You can stand on a table and scream and no one cares
blob time
stayover weekend stuff like the pool, movie and ice cream

What clinics should Tecumseh add:
Ga Ga
chicken round up
lake activities
xtreme underwater basket weaving
baby bunny
jet ski and tubing

What menu items should be added to camp's menu:
parmesan chicken
apple crisp
turkey sandwich from Jimmy John's
homemade waffles
apple pie

What things would you put in a Tecumseh time capsule:
pictures of the cabins
Blazer shirt
blender friendship bracelet
map of Camp Tecumseh
pic of me (because Charlotte says she represents Camp T)
video of someone being blobbed
list of clinics
baked oatmeal with recipe
puzzle pieces
wooden name tag
jug of bug juice
Diet Coke
wolf shirt
Ga Ga ball

I will miss daily walks with Hadley and Molls across Main Field. They're two people that make my world better.

Country Line Dancing has been awesome all week long. I'm so glad that I got to hang out with kids I already knew like Hadley, Wiley and Kate and meet a bunch of new kids too. CLD is totally Molly and Becca's thing so I'm thankful that they let me tag along.

I loved getting to know and playing with Kate and Lily this week. They're both so sweet and so much fun.

So many of Alli and Annie's campers from last summer are here this week and they're all so awesome. We really wish they didn't have to go.

Alli, Molly and Erin are three counselors that have become that I look up to and admire. I love that they're the people that campers will remember and tell stories about for years to come. They're all full of so much love, enthusiasm, encouragement, creativity and spunk. They make this place special for dozens of kids. 

Maggie Murin has been at camp all week and I've loved when our paths cross. She'll be a CILT in Session 3 next summer so it would be super sweet if I got to be one of her counselors. 

This afternoon all of the Blazers played Dutch Auction together. Choctaw girls dominated with their creativity. My favorite was when they had to bring up a mini farm animal and we made Ellen look like a sheep with a trash bag, white floppy sock ears, "fur" on her face and a leash so Margaret could walk her as she baaaa-ed. 

They also made up a brand new cheer, brought up things for a sport, campfire, Christmas and creative compliments.

Tonight we got to celebrate Christmas In July!

Smellen and Samantha are awesome campers.

Here's what's left of our CILT Pack counselors pics. Our numbers are dwindling these days.

It's been a blast being a team with Ellyn and Arielle in Choctaw this week. They're my kind of people and I'm so glad that I get to do this with them.

Once upon a time there was a counselor named Sam Glanders that dressed up like an elf and poured sugar into kids mouths until a director told him to stop. Today I invited Steveo to carry on the tradition. The kids were giddy with glee as he filled all of their mouths with sugar-- truly a Christmas miracle. Steveo the Elf made it around the whole dining room before he had to stop.

During Trading Post my family showed up! Dad, Katie, Nick, Lincoln and Redford all came to spend the night at camp. Linc followed me right out into Main Field to see what all of the kids were doing. He was pretty awestruck as he took it all in.

Country Line Dancing performed our routine to Story of My Life in front of River Village at the end of Trading Post time. 

Annie and Ellen Fazzio came to campfire tonight! Annie was in Copenhagen for most of the summer and she has been very missed by kids and counselors alike. She's one of my very favorite camp people and it just felt right to have her back today.

Exhaustion is a normal condition here at camp for the counselors but we press through and it doesn't really affect us. Mind over matter. But sometimes, like on Friday nights before campfire, we drink Red Bull for the extra energy. Actually, I'm not sure it affected me at all but it was a funny thing to do with Ellyn and Arie.

Normally campers take pictures with their counselors by standing in-between us, but tonight they all took turns having us pick them up. Ellen...



Same porch. A whole lot younger kids. Favorite photo spot of the summer.

We joined the horse parade to closing campfire and Ellyn had our girls singing our cabin cheer the entire way there.

Tonight Arielle, Steveo, Jackie, Dan, Linsey and I got the esteemed honor of being the Llamaette singers at the very beginning of campfire as we sang Faith, Faith, Faith, Every Move I Make and Pharoah Pharoah. It's a very big deal.

Some slam poets started things off with some Christmas Carol Poetry. The salt shaker snow was my favorite part.

My family came to campfire of course and Lincoln came to set with me on my cabin's bench for about half the time. He wasn't quite sure what was going on but he had fun.

When counselor alumni went up to hand out the 4-year bandanas Katie, Nick, Red and Dad all were up front.

I got to see my girls Abby and Lucy one more time. I wish I could be here for their second week. Annie was happy to be back, even if it was kind of different, and I was thrilled every time I saw her. I just love this girl and am so thankful for her friendship.

Hip hop was awesome as always. Arielle's drama skit about the Raccoon that Stole Camp's Joy was phenomenal and should be a published production.

Then, just like it always does, campfire slowed down for the Torchbearer ceremony. I asked Kate, a first year camper in my cabin, why she though everyone was crying all around us. "Because they're really sad," she said, "they don't want to leave. I'm sad too but I'm not crying."

Tonight was the last campfire for so many campers but also for a big chunk of DC staff, Linsey, Jackie, Erin O'Awesome, Moose and a few other counselors. This is the best place on Earth and it's definitely never easy to say good-bye.

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