Sunday, July 20, 2014

"My mom said I get a dollar for every picture I'm in on the website."

Overnight, the Longhouse has been transformed. Instead of 3 cabins of CILT girls, we are now full of Blazers. Choctaw and Hopi have girls and Abanaki now has 10 boys. It's a whole new world. 

Arielle, Ellyn and I are so excited about our 10 new girls that we'll be spending the week with. Maddie and Zoe were actually with Ellyn and I week 9 last summer so it's a reunion for us. All of the girls in our cabin came with at least one friend which is pretty fun. 

They seem like an adventurous bunch so we took them to one of our childhood hideouts right away. They asked if we could sleep out under the deck this week but I think we might have to come up with an alternative location.

The new Hopi counselors are Nart, Jessica and Sophie. I'm so excited about getting to hang out with the three of them for the rest of the summer. Sophie was one of my CILTies just last year and became one of my great friends. I'm so excited that we get to live in the Longhouse together again.

On our camp tour Annabelle led the Choctaw girls over to the mini farm. Annabelle sure loves animals. 

We played chicken round up and all the girls attempted picking up a chicken. It was fun to do something exciting right away instead of waiting to schedule it later on this week.

After petting the cow, sheep, goats, alpacas and donkey, Annabelle took us inside the barn to see her smallest fuzzy friends.

 Arielle and I held the baby bunnies so the girls could pet them. Just a few weeks ago they fit in the palm of your hand but they're definitely growing quickly.

We made a pit stop at the Day Camp playground to have a cabin obstacle course. Our girls did a great job of encouraging one another as they ran through all over and flew down the slides.

At flagpole I got to see Wiley Welch, a rock star camper who is the youngest of a whole family of Tecumseh people. I'm so excited to hang out with her this week. Nart showed up in the donut costume we found at Claire's house last night. Did you know that Nart's favorite song is the one about the donut?

At Opening Campfire I got to see even more old friends. Abby and Lucy are Torchbearers this summer. They are awesome girls and I hope our paths will overlap a lot. Izzy, one of my old campers and students, is a Warrior this week. I was so excited to see her.

Choctaw joined the Blazer Girl Sleepover theme tonight for campfire. Isn't it funny that when we think sleepover we think of pigtails even though no one really sleeps with their hair like that? I got to bring Dog and Max along to campfire for the first time ever.

Danielle and Stella were Warriors in Choctaw with me last summer week 7 and Hannah and Jenna were right next door in Hopi. They're all Pathfinders this week but we were pumped to see each other.

Tommy Thompson dressed up like me for campfire tonight. How fun is that? Hayes is in Erin O'Awesome's cabin this week and I can't wait to hang out with her a ton.

It's pretty crazy to think that after leading the CILTs all summer, Arielle, Ellyn and I are now living the Blazer dream with our little girls. We're going to have so much fun with them this week.

Ellyn was back when we came home from campfire so we all sprinted to attack her with hugs. She got attacked by bees (she's highly allergic) yesterday and we're all so relieved that she's ok. We missed her all day but thankfully now she's back again.

I went to the planning meeting tonight and when I got back to the Longhouse our girls were already in bed. By 10:00 I was in the hallway with Arielle and Ellyn, working on Parent Letters. With CILTs, we'd just be starting CILT initiation and hopefully getting the campers to sleep by midnight. My sleep cycle is about to improve exponentially this week.

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