Saturday, July 5, 2014

"What are we doing for Wacky Wednesday? I thought of dial up internet... idk how to do that though."

I had to say good-bye to my Warrior girls Annie, Sophie and Lilly this morning at chapel. I've loved seeing them all over camp and knowing they'll run up and give me the biggest hugs. These three are each so special. They're growing up but holding onto that goofy, precious part of them that still has so much spunk. 

If I had to make a prediction, I'd guess that these three will become counselors one day and be some of the best this place has ever seen. I'd sign up to be a kid in their cabins for sure.

Ellyn never fails to be entertaining or a low key distraction. This morning she serenaded Griffin during chapel.

We headed back to the Longhouse to say good bye to all of our kids. I was shocked to find a giant care package waiting for me from a Blazer named Rhys that I just love. She sent me this bright magenta fleece and two huge bags of candy that we all shared. She's so sweet and it was such a fun surprise.

Saturday mornings are a huge mix of emotions. Our girls cry because they don't want to leave each other. They cry when they see their parents pull up because they've missed them... and because they don't want to leave. They're totally exhausted. They're laughing about weird inside jokes they've made in the past two weeks. They're crying as they hug good bye one last time.

I will miss all of the CILT girls and the community they've created here. I'll miss talking with Megan in our raspy voices, hugs from Kristen Johnson, hearing Julia say, "Bless your sweet soul," Anya's dancing, Emily's air mattress and D'Mya's commentary like "Twizzlers be triflin."

We love all our CILT friends...

but we're really sad about having to leave and say good-bye. Social media can help so much when we'd rather just keep living in the Longhouse together.

Olivia Davis from Session 1 got to come visit this morning when she picked up one of her friends from camp. Oh holy were we so excited to see her. Even though it seems like our Session 2 kids just got here, it feels like Olivia has been gone forever. Missed her tons.

Then the one and only Emma Servies showed up! She was a Session 2 CILT two summers ago and such a rock star. I loved getting to be her counselor and friend during those weeks. Now I get so excited whenever our paths cross.

The rest of the day was writing parent letters, eating lunch at DQ, writing parent letters, doing laundry, writing parent letters, MY MOM ARRIVED, writing parent letters, eating dinner with mom in Lafayette, writing parent letters, blogging in the Longhouse with Smoon. Our weekend strengths are efficiency and productivity so that our week long strengths can be fun and spontaneity.

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