Sunday, July 6, 2014

"I don't even know any of these people but I'm just so excited to be here!"

Session 3 has arrived. I can hardly believe it. The summer is flying by way too fast and our last group of CILTs arrives today. Shannon Flynn showed up with the best surprise, a bottle of, "Share a Diet Coke with Sarah" on it. Smoon and I have been searching for a Sarah bottle and freaked out. 

So many new Choctaw girls showed up all at once. I know a few CILTs in this Session from earlier summers and I'm pumped to get to know them all better. Erin, Brenna, Kelly, Lucy, Cara, Shannon and Tara are all so excited.

Cate and Sarah Maynard stopped by to visit before dropping Sarah off at her cabin. They're old family friends and I love seeing these sisters every summer. Then Claire stopped by after dropping off her sister Molly. Claire started out as a Camp T girl but now we both are part of YL in Indy. We'll both go to Sharp Top later this summer and are pumped about being there at the same time.

I can't believe I've only got two weeks left working with Arielle and Smooney. After CILTs Smooncat is leaving to find a place to live in Madison, Wisconsin and then she'll start her job at Epic. It won't be the same without her here.

I'm already so excited about this group of CILT girls. Session 3 is always full of long time campers, a huge group of Chicago kids and a ton of enthusiasm.

For the counselors, this is our last group of the summer and we'll keep giving it all we've got. These are absolutely my 6 favorite weeks of the whole year and nothing will stop us from making them awesome. 

We headed to the pool for swim checks...

and we cheered from the diving board like we always do...

and then we just jumped in the water in all of our clothes. 

Session 3. Go big or go home right? FYI, clothes are really strange to swim in. Especially polo shirts.

I'm hoping these will be two weeks filled with fun memories, new adventures, spontaneous ideas and great friendships.

We'll all be living the CILTing dream in Choctaw...



and the Brova.

After all of our clothes got wet we went for the really-fun-matching route for the rest of the day. Nothing screams fun quite like tie dye, snapbacks, bright shorts and Ellyn.

I think that someday I would love to end up living in the same place as Arielle, Ellyn and Smooney for more than just a summer. These are the people I want to be best friends with forever.

After we finished setting up our tables in the dining hall, we took the CILT girls on a secret mission.  Do you know where we are?

Then our 30 girl color guard got to lower the flag before dinner. Erin and Anna had matching sorority frocket tanks tonight at dinner because Erin accidentally ordered two of the same one.

Smooney left a special present (from the coons that we found in our secret spot) and a note for Matt Radding.

At camp we try to find ways to make things more fun. For example, the all camp picture is not on most people's list of favorite things. But it is a whole lot more fun when you start taking group selfies in the back while you wait for Ben to get ready.

The CILT Pack decided to be a mall on Black Friday for opening campfire. We all split up into a couple different groups. Arielle and I were with the mall walking crowd in fanny packs, tall socks, hats and old people clothes.

The mall walkers were joined by crazed shoppers, shop lifters and security. Can you find each group?

The best part of dressing up is when everyone mills around before campfire actually starts. Arielle and I warmed up doing squats and then followed the pack of mall walking CILTs.

These girls were so into their role that they continued to speed walk all around and in between people until it was time to go. I loved that they just went for it and had fun being goofy together right away.

Campfire was a success-- I got to be an accountant and Ben Dehr did a great job bringing back an old mosquito song.

Back in the Longhouse we got ready for bed, hung out and did devotions. Cara and Tara were the rock star helpers with love tank bags and Shannon added some decorative lights to the bathroom.

CILT Initiation started on the porch with some CILT alumni. I love hearing them reflect on their experience as they talk about the things that stood out to them and what they learned. Then the CILT Pack moved out to the OT to share their motivation for being here. I'm so excited for this group.

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