Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Don't you just love when your water tastes like iron? Same."

We woke up inside Mt. Wood at about 6am and headed back across the field to sleep in our own beds for another hour. I'd highly recommend this sleep out spot. 

Nathan Barr, one of my 7th grade boys, was back at camp this week. I loved seeing him all over camp and hearing him yell, "Hi Miss Wright!" Everyone headed back to their cabins for check out as the rain started to fall. When 11 o'clock rolled around the stay over weekend officially began.

Every counselor works one weekend of the summer and this weekend is my turn. I'm so excited to get to have this extra time hanging out with the Session 3 kids and really relaxing and napping.

Even though I'm working, stay over weekends are usually my favorite weekends of the summer and they end up being the session that I get to know the kids the best because I have extra time with them. Can't wait to play with Tara, Cara, Shannon, Maggie and Lucy more-- they're hilarious.

Ellyn is the other CILT counselor of the weekend and we have the honor of welcoming Erin O'Awesome and Danny Boy Wetzel to the CILT Pack. They were both CILTs a few summers ago and are fantastic counselors. I'm stoked about working with this team of friends.

After a two hour rest hour we ran over to the pool for stayover swim time. At first it was just your typical water polo and high dive time, but then we mixed things up. 

Linsey brought her speakers and everyone started doing Water Zumba together which was a blast.

Ellyn and Erin and I all got to play with kids the whole time-- so much fun.

I loved just getting to play with CILT girls for the whole time. We did some zumba but mostly asked fun questions and talked about interesting things.

Shannon is a Varsity Friendship Bracelet Maker. She's been working on this HUGE rainbow blender bracelet that she finished tonight. I tied it on my backpack right away so everyone can see it.

After dinner the CILTs planned their chapel for tomorrow morning. Ellyn and I stayed with the song kids while Dan and Erin helped the other kids practice their skit.

Then during intermission a group of CILT girls got to be the ice cream scoopers. They did a superb job of dishing out ice cream for all 150 stay overs.

I'm such a fan of Erin O'Awesome. This is her first summer as a resident counselor and I'm continually impressed as I watch her with her campers. She is consistently positive and energetic. She's so conscious of making every kid feel loved and included. I loved getting to hang out with her all weekend.

Kat and Emily came back tonight because they're working DC next week. I rarely get to see them during a normal week so I loved hanging out with them tonight. 

Did you know that Kat and Kelly worked together back at home and are great friends? True story. I'm such a fan of both of them.

 All of the CILTs watched Butterfly Circus together in the Party Room and then shared Cardboard Testimonies together. We talked about...

I run a different kind of show.

What this world needs is a little wonder.

The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

"I am a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come."

Usually I save the Puppies chapter in Cold Tangerines for the end of the session, but Emily, Katie and Kat were all sleeping over tonight so I read it early. I'm so thankful for a whole new session of puppies that are such rock stars.

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