Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I like Camp Tecumseh

I like you and I know why. I like you because...

I like Arie because she continues to find new ways to be creative and make things exciting for our campers.
I like Ellyn because she jumps right in and make things happen so that camp is even better.
I like Molly because she treats her Catawba girls like independent, capable kids in their first year at camp.
I like Erin because she's so intentional about loving all of her campers and making them feel awesome.
I like Allie because she's genuine and compassionate in her interactions.
I like Matt Radding because he goes out of his way to be helpful and positive as a leader.
I like Nart because she's doing something brand new this week and is embracing every bit of it.
I like Anna because she always has a smile on her face when she's with her kids and it's obvious how much she loves them.

I like being best friends with Hadley and Kylie this week. I like that they wave backwards to me. I like that they always run up to tell me a story.

I like our cabin picture-- Ellen, Maddie, Zoe, Caroline, Margaret, Camilla, Genevive, Justine, Kate and Kate.

I like being friends with Suzanne this summer and getting to call her Suzy.
I like wearing matching wolf shirts with Ellyn and Arie. I like that we do funny things together like making our cabin disappear.

I like having Erin O'Awesome here at Tecumseh for one more week. I like all the awesome kids in her cabin.

I like being friends with Hayes, Samantha, Lauren and Jane.

I like running the photo booth during the Compassion Carnival with Peanut. I like playing with little nuggets like Gabi and Avery for two weeks. I like the outfits Kylie and Hadley picked out.

I like that there are so many pairs of friends and cousins in River Village this week.

I like all of the friendship bracelets (the ones on my wrists and the ones on my backpack) that I've gotten this summer because they remind me of my friends that gave them to me.

I like getting to play with campers at the pool. 

I like when the pool is filled with counselors holding kids, kids holding counselors, pool noodles and beach balls, games of tag, front flips and handstands.

I like getting to spend my night off with Molly and Mags, two of my favorite people at Tecumseh and two of my oldest friends here. 

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