Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"What's with the 'wow' thing the CILTs always say?"

I woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping and then opened my eyes to discover that Annabelle had showed up at some time during the night. I guess she got lonely when we left her behind in Choctaw so she found us all the way out in the OT. 

The field was covered in a layer of fog and all the campers were still sleeping soundly all snug in their sleeping bags. My alarm went off just a few minutes later and we packed up our stuff so we could head back to our cabin.

During FAB (Fearless Advanced Braceleters) this morning our campers learned the 3-braid bracelet and I taught Hadley and Lily to make it without the loops on the side. These kids are just so FAB. Linsey taught me to make the blender bracelet so I can be prepared to teach it to the campers tomorrow.

Molly, Hadley and I took our daily pics outside of the CAC just as my girls Zoe and Caroline walked away.

These pictures are taken in honor of Tecumseh Tuesday (Can I get a what what?) and Young Life Camp in just five days.

 The Country Line Dancing Crew has grown to include 11 girls. We practiced yesterday's moves and added a new dance to our skill set.

Late last week one of the CILT girls, who will not be named, accidentally broke Annabelle's hand while trying to make her grip a pen. It was virtually painless for Annabelle but we didn't want to leave her in a broken state.

Now our girl is good as new and you can hardly tell that her hand was ever broken all the way off. (Just avoid looking at her chipped finger tips please.)

Wow. Lunch was phenomenal. Diet Coke and pepperoni pizza. It doesn't get better than that. We talked without using the letter T in any of our words, did a non-birthday Order of the Oar to Matti Bakes and Caroline from Choctaw got to be the Dessert Girl. Wow.

This afternoon was the blobbiest afternoon of my life. After not having assigned jobs at the lake all summer, Arielle and I were each in charge of a blob for all of swim time. 

My favorite part of being out on the trampolines is getting to hang out with fun kids like Hadley that I know from clinics or other cabins.

Once Lake Time was over we stuck around for Extra Blob Time with Oneida and Eel River for another 45 minutes. Can you say best afternoon ever?

Tucker and Dan, the frattiest counselors around, were there too. Ellyn and I aren't really lifeguards, but wouldn't it be funny if we were?

Walking back to the Riv as a whole cabin was one of my favorite parts of the day. We discussed the moral and social implications of pop culture. Arielle, Ellyn and I saing "Sk8r Boi" and "Complicated" and then the girls debriefed what the songs were about and what we could learn from them. At first they thought they were camp songs that we had made up, but we set the record straight and gave Avril all the credit.

Back in the Riv we remembered a song I learned at church camp when I was little, "If I had a little white box to put my Jesus in, I'd take him out and kiss, kiss, kiss and share him with a friend. If I had a little black box to put the devil in, I'd take him out and SMASH HIS FACE and put him back again." Catawba and Teton both wanted to learn the words and soon we were performing for everyone that walked by.

We decided it would also be a good plan to practice our creative percussion skills and took the girls into the Choctaw Clubhouse for a CHOCTAW DANCE PARTY! CHOCTAW DANCE PARTY!

The Johnson triplets, from Session 2, have been showing their animals and projects at the county fair all week in Lafayette and they invited us to come visit. After grabbing dinner, Ellyn and I went straight to the fair grounds to see Lauren, Kristen and Evan. They showed us their four goats first. Kristen's won Reserve Grand Champion. 

Then we were surprised by four more friends from Session 2-- Andrea, Reilly, Sophie and Oli. They were all hanging out tonight and it was so fun to see them.

Next stop was to see the Johnson's bunnies. Oh holy these are the softest bunnies that you have ever felt.

Next we ran into Tyler and Josie from CILT Session 3 that left camp just a few days ago. It seriously felt like the CILTies were everywhere.

We made a quick trip into the barn nearby to see the Johnson's four plates of vegetables that were competing. Can you find all of theirs?

Then we ran up to the booth selling Elephant Ears because Gretta, another Session 2 girl, was working inside! Her jaw fell open as she was filling a pop and then she raced outside to attack us with hugs.

In the next barn we found the cake Gretta decorated and the scrapbook she made. Both are incredibly impressive.

Then we got to see the main attraction-- the girls Pie In A Bag. They were actually judged on a whole pie but only a slice in a bag gets displayed. 

Then it was time for a ride. We picked the Ferris Wheel and got to just hang out and talk in line for a really long time because the fair was so busy.

Wow. Ain't no party like a Ferris Wheel Party.

Ellyn and I decided this was one of our favorite nights off of the whole summer. Nothing like spending time with the CILTies and seeing triple the amount of them that we had expected to. The Johnson's will be at the fair all week if you want to visit them and see their goats, bunnies, vegetables or pie in a bag!

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