Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Wait, you're not 16?! Are you younger?"

Highs of the Day:

- Getting to have Katie, Nick, Linc and Red come to breakfast in River Village this morning and playing with the boys

- Singing chapel songs one last time with my campers Ellen and Kate by my side

-Leaving camp was a low, but the high is that I still get to come back to Tecumseh for Week 9

-Seeing Linc run around camp and be so excited to play carpetball

-Eating lunch with my family in Lafayette and talking about camp, summer and life

-The Dewolf family. My washing machine was broken when I got home but they let me come over and use theirs instead. Julia and Lucy both attacked me with hugs. Julia gave me a care package of all my favorite things including a Diet Coke that says "share with Sarah" on it, Sour Patch Berry Kids, Life Saver Gummie All Reds, a Top 10 List and a letter.

- Spending the night with my girls Grace, Katy and Abby who I haven't seen all summer long. We had a fiesta at El Camino and went on a Wal-Mart Adventure.

-Our friend Hope couldn't come to dinner because her family was driving back from vacation. So we showed up at her house with ice-cream cones minutes after they returned. They were shocked and elated to see us running down their driveway. Hope and Cecilia are rock stars.


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