Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"I'm the best at giving facials because I make mine really chunky."

We must be setting a record for the most indoor chapels in a summer. We're used to our set up in the Party Room now but we'd much rather be out at the Green Cathedral. 

The CILT Pack headed West to Lake Village for a morning of spiders, acid, whales and wiggly lines...

Singing while walking is my favorite transitional activity. Without any prompting from the counselors, this group of CILTs started belting out Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers this morning. That's when you know they're going to be an awesome group.

We went into the Oak Forest for the third and final round of teams course activities this summer. Because we have five counselors now, I got to rotate around to all of the different stations to see the CILTs in action.

Spider Web...

Whale Watch...

Acid River...

The Puzzle.

The CILT counselors pulled Ribbon Dancers out of the CILT Jar so we'll be carrying and twirling them around all week.

Oh my gosh. Shannon and Lucy are so much fun. They aren't from the same place but they've come to camp the same weeks before and are rock stars. It seems like every time I turn around they're doing something fun. I'm so excited to play with them all session long.

Little Sarah is an equestrian for her last week here this summer. She told Alli and I about tacking the horses and learning stuff in equestrian clinics. She is a champ and her camp story is one of my favorite. I love this kid and the person that she continues to grow into. When you catch Sarah smiling her face lights up and there is so much joy.

I'm pumped about being friends with Maggie this summer. We just met two days ago but we already know she's awesome. This morning we made up a secret handshake right before lunch.

I love when the CILT girls serenade as everyone is heading to rest hour. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll keep it up all session long.

Spent the first part of lake time out on kayaks with Kelly and two of her campers. When we made it to the shallow end a whole bunch of our friends were already there having clay spa time.

Nothing beats putting mud on your face right?

This group of CILT girls is so much fun and all about embracing the weird parts of camp and being creative with their girls. We're such fans of Shannon, Erin, Alana, Lucy and Cara.

Today was a really good day.

I loved seeing all of these CILT girls with their little buddies as they went off the rope swing, made clay snowmen and covered each other in mud.

And Arielle got to be on the blob today. Wow. What a star.

Katie Flynn and Gummy Odle are Warriors this week and we love running into them. They're both so sweet.

Scarlet (and Arden and Brody) are at camp this week which is awesome. This family just had a traveling adventure for the whole last year and I'm so glad they made it back in time for Tecumseh.

Can you name Arielle's three dogs?
Do you know the names of all of our nieces and nephews?

Do you know which cabin each of us live in and who all our partners are?
Where did we each go to college?
Do you know what we drink at pop stop?

Do you know the color of our backpacks?
How long have each of us been CILT counselors?
What's our spirit animal?

Smoon and I have diligently been working on our Richard G Lake House. We're getting closer to completion. We'll try to finish it up soon.

While shadowing clinics we found out that Keith was in the Nature Center. SO I FINALLY GOT TO HOLD ROSIE THE SNAKE. I've been waiting all summer to get my snake picture and today it finally happened.

Arielle and Smoon weren't feeling confident about the snake but they got the courage to hold onto the turtle for a second instead. They're brave.

We hopped on over to check on cabins near the CAC and discovered chicken round up was going on at the mini farm. Of course I took this opportunity to get my yearly chicken picture. Wow-- chicken and a snake in the same day. What are the odds?

During Trading Post time I love spotting CILTs being sweet with their campers. Any one can be really fun when they know they're being watched, but I love seeing them be so genuine and authentic when they don't know counselors are around.

Tonight we finished the CILT cheer for Session 3 and we're pretty stoked about it.

Coming to camp for the next two weeks,
One CILT Pack and we're all unique
Starrin at the stars
40 friends under the porchlights

Hanging in the Riv with our campers and backpacks
We look so fly in our teal CILT snapbacks
Playin in Main Field
Gettin deep in devos tonight

So CILTs are running every which way
Helping out counselors every day
Hey Session 3 C-I-L-T CILT Pack

Let's go Camp T you're our favorite place
Tryin to be 3rd as we run this race
Hey Session 3 C-I-L-T CILT Pack

You can find us in the Brova
and 30 girls in the Longhouse
Yeah we wear our brown shirts on Friday
Cause we're doin good, havin fun with our CILT Pack

Wow! That's amazing.
Do good! Have fun! CILT Pack!

Then it was time for the whole CILT Pack to head out to the OT to start playing Fugitive. I love this tradition.

Tonight Arielle and I were fugitives for the first time with Aaron, Gaby, Kenzie, Lucy, Matt and Lauren.

Arielle and I went towards the River first but once we heard people coming towards us we doubled back on the path and went through the Pine Forest instead. It was a crazy race of diving under a fence, leaping through some plants and sprinting through a field. Unfortunately we both ended up getting caught.

A goat from the mini farm started following us back to the Longhouse. That was weird...

One of the best parts of the day was probably just hanging out with all of the girls before bed. We talked about memories of when they were all Blazers. Had a dance party in the bathroom. I ate fireflies with Brenna and Shannon. I took Lauren, Cara and Erin on a secret adventure. We all ended the night with the rock devotion and the stars over the river were perfect.

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